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Let’s do our bit to make 2021 safer…

We’re keen to share the knowledge and expertise we’ve built over the years, to help customers avoid load instability, and any accidents that might ensue. We’ve asked our experts to compile a list of dos and don’ts to help you make 2021 your safest year yet. Let’s start as we mean to go on!

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2020 the year we learnt to work remotely

March 23rd, 2020 was a date that had a significant effect on all of our lives.  When the Prime Minister announced a national lockdown and asked us all to work from home if we possibly could, it created an immediate challenge for any business where teamwork was an important aspect of their day to day operation. How would asking everyone to work from home affect team culture?

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Get ready to cut damages and returns this Christmas!

After all the challenges of 2020, retailers need a positive end to the year. Online retailers are hoping for a peak too, with over 50% of consumers suggesting they’ll do their Christmas shopping online.

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Automated palletwrapping will keep your christmas trade moving!

Quick, safe installation in as little as 48 hours can help 'pandemic proof' your opperations.

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Load stability – how can we help you improve?

Statistics published by EUMOS state that up to 16% of accidents with fatalities involve industrial vehicles, and 1 in 4 has cargo securing as a root cause. Find out how we can help you improve your pallet stability and safety.

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Stretching to meet the plastic waste challenge

Pallet-wrapping in the UK uses over 140 million tonnes of plastic each year and a huge percentage of that is waste. The cost is massive, in money and environmental impact. So, what can we do to minimise plastic usage and waste without compromising stability?

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How Hazel 4D’s intelligent load stability system is the risk-free choice in pallet-wrapping

In buying and procurement, you’re under constant pressure to make the right choices – the most efficient, effective, robust or low-risk… so what if we were to say that when it comes to pallet-wrapping we could answer all of those needs?

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Never mind the kilos…what’s
 your film costing per pallet?

Let’s talk about price per pallet wrapped. Usually when we talk to clients about how much they spend on stretch film, we’ll hear an answer about cost per kilo. What we hear less often is how far that weight goes – how many pallets can a kilo wrap?

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Which strapping seal should i use?

Want to know which seal to use with your strapping? Here’s a quick guide to which strapping seal to use and which tool or machine you should use to apply it.

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How to find out if your strapping is made of polyester or polypropylene

Need to know if your strapping is made of polyester or polypropylene? There’s a quick and easy way to find out. All you need is a glass of water!


5 ways to reduce your consumption of single-use plastic packaging

Plastic pollution is harming marine life and the environment. Here’s how your company can reduce its consumption of single-use plastic packaging.


Should we still be celebrating bubble wrap appreciation day?

Bubble wrap might be fun to pop but it’s not the eco-friendliest void fill solution. This Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day we’re celebrating these sustainable alternatives instead.


Are your pallets secure enough to pass new EU roadworthiness inspections?

The implementation of EU directive 2014/47 means securing your pallets is now more important than ever.


Are you aware of your packaging waste obligations?

If your business has a turnover of £2 million or above and you handled over 50 tonnes of packaging in the last calendar year, you should be abiding by the Packaging Waste Regulations.


How can e-commerce retailers reduce packaging waste?

Popular drop-shipping services have been gaining in popularity as consumers and businesses begin to realise the benefits and convenience. But what new and emerging methods are there to reduce waste from delivery services?


e-commerce ... the pressure is on!

Companies like Amazon have been investing in parcel lockers which simplify the way the customer receives their order, saving them from the inconvenience of the dreaded "Sorry we missed you" card.


The Evolution Of Pallet Wrap 

New materials and manufacturing processes mean that stretch wrap has become more efficient than ever.


The rise in paper shortages and what will happen in 2018

As far as 2018 goes, experts are saying that you really need a crystal ball to see what will happen in the European paper market.

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Smarter business operations can bring invaluable efficiencies to your business. The good news is that you don’t have to have a huge budget to achieve them.  


Are you using the right strap?

Polypropylene, Corded Polyester, PET, Steel. There are so many types of strapping it can be hard to know which to use. This guide will help you decide.

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With 77% of UK internet users purchasing online in 2015, we look at how the physical aspects of packaging influence consumer perception.  


Labour shortage? The Future lies With Robotics 

Investment in robots and technology are predicted to be key if we are to maintain continued business growth in the UK. 


The Future of our Supermarkets

Seismic shifts in the grocery market mean customers are ditching large out-of-town supermarkets for more convenient alternatives.

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Click and Collect: Benefit or Burden? 

Click and collect seems like a convenient idea for both customer and retailer but is the reality just increased costs? 


Minimising the damage

Damaged goods equal damaged reputations for e-tailers, but how can this problem be alleviated?

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Are things looking drastic for plastic?

With a drive for packaging to become more environmentally friendly, we look at the future of this once-heralded miracle material.

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Hazel 4D looks at the latest strategies e-retailers are employing to meet the demands of the ‘need it yesterday’ group of customers.


what lessons can we learn from the failure of bhs?

Last week saw the financial collapse of one of our oldest high street brands. But what went wrong? 


Nature's own packaging materials

Reports that Ikea is considering using mushroom-based packaging to replace polystyrene have a much greater significance than to underline the furniture retailer’s sustainability credentials.

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If the great British public does decide to resign from its EU membership, what might it mean for e-commerce, distribution and packaging?

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