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New: all paper documents enclosed wallets

We’ve added all paper self-adhesive documents enclosed wallets to our sustainable packaging range. They’re 100% paper, 100% recyclable and transparent.

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We’re a registered EUMOS firm

EUMOS has formally recognised Hazel 4D as a EUMOS registered firm due to our commitment to increasing transport and logistics safety through pallet load securing.

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new Expect Distribution partnership helps us improve customer delivery service

We’ve partnered with Expect Distribution to provide a more efficient and personalised delivery service for our customers.

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It's our 40th Birthday!

2019 marks Hazel 4D’s 40th birthday. And what a busy 4 decades it’s been. Read our story and find out how we’re celebrating 40 years in the packaging industry.

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A quick guide to our new safety knife range

Our safety knives are designed to prevent warehouse injuries and reduce downtime. Here’s a quick guide to their safety features and the packaging materials they can cut.


Brown kraft paper Surf mailers now available

Our recyclable padded paper mailers are now available in brown. Surf envelopes help you do your bit for the planet whilst protecting your products from damage.


5 reasons you should be using pre-stretched hand film

Better load stability, stronger, less film waste. Here are 5 reasons you should swap your standard stretch film for Extremus Series 11 pre-stretched hand film.


NEw hazel 4D catalogue 

We have a brand new catalogue featuring all the packaging products and machinery in our extensive range. Ask us for your copy today.


Surf All paper mailers take the hassle out of recycling

Protect your products and the planet with Surf mailing envelopes. Made of paper inside and out, they're just as strong as bubble-lined mailers but easier to recycle.


Cut your costs & your carbon footprint with our new void fill systems

Looking for eco-friendly ways to package your products? Reduce your plastic consumption and save money with our new void fill systems.

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Hazel 4D launches Extremus Stretch Films

Manufactured from a unique blend of polymers, Extremus is one of the strongest, thinnest stretch films on the market. It’s perfect for stabilising pallets.

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Smaller core, more tape on a roll, less waste. Here are 10 reasons you should be switching your standard tape to E-Tape. 

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Engaging Distribution. The Evo Group Case Study

EVO Group is the UK’s largest multi-channel distributor of supplies and services for businesses. Their 12 page case study looks at how they've worked with Hazel 4D to improve efficiencies.

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Visit our stand at the e Delivery EXPO

Hazel 4D is excited to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at the forthcoming eDelivery Expo (EDX) at the Birmingham NEC on 27 & 28 April. 

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Hazel 4D introduces Worldpay 

We’ve made placing an order for packaging even easier!

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Hazel 4D's Diane raises £2,000 from Leeds Half Marathon

Our Executive Assistant ran the Leeds Half Marathon on 8th May to raise money for a local child with severe learning disabilities.

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