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Series 11 Hand Film

Extremus Series 11 is a high-quality, puncture resistant pre-stretched hand film.

It’s thin, strong and has reinforced edges which prevents film breakages and enhances load stability.

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600m of film on a roll

2x more film than a standard 300m roll of hand film

Fewer roll changeovers, less downtime, fewer wasted cores

♦  Stronger film = fewer damages in transit

♦  Film tightens around pallet when applied = excellent load stability

♦  Pre-stretched = easier to apply, consistent cost to wrap a pallet

♦  Thinner film = less waste

♦  One side cling = safer loads

♦  Reinforced edges = fewer film breakages

Reinforced edges

Extremus Series 11 pallet wrap comes with reinforced edges meaning the edges
are less prone to damage and the film is less likely to snap. 

The film is wound around the roll so that the edges are oscillated rather than flat. This means the edges are soft and, if you accidently drop the roll, any damage to the outer layer of film is unlikely to spread through to the layers underneath. This means that the film unwind is unaffected and you can usually continue to use
the roll.

The additive in the film means if the film is punctured in the middle, you can continue to use it as the tear won’t spread to the edge of the film.


“our operators love Extremus 11 because it is so easy to apply.
Our wrapping costs have reduced 30% which is great and our 
in transit rates have dropped. Excellent product, recommend it!” 

Warehouse Operations Manager, Logistics


Why choose pre-stretched hand film?

Extremus 11 hand film comes pre-stretched, meaning it’s already stretched during manufacture. 

This makes it extremely easy to apply as the operator only needs to use minimum force to activate the film when wrapping the pallet. 

This reduces the risk of back strain and operators can walk forwards round the pallet, decreasing the chance of trips and falls.

Pre-stretched film is better for load stability too as the film won’t stretch during transit, keeping goods secure and safe. 

More benefits of pre-stretched film

Clear, black or blue films

Standard or extended cores available (Ext11/ Ext11X)

6 rolls per box / 240 rolls per pallet



Want to see the benefits of Extremus 11 for yourself?

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