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Are unstable pallets costing you Time, money and your reputation?

You need a hazel 4d load stability consultation.



Did you know that over 4% of all transported goods are damaged in transit*?

*Source: Ku Leuven University, Belgium

Effective stretch wrapping is critical to any successful operation.

But many companies aren’t enjoying the benefits of having stable, secure pallet loads that arrive safely with their customers in one piece.

Instead their pallets are being damaged in transit and their customers are returning damaged shipments, so they’re spending huge amounts of time re-wrapping pallets. 

They’re not applying their stretch film correctly and are using worn, damaged stretch wrappers to wrap their goods. Their operators are fed up of replacing the stretch film rolls due to film breakages and team morale is at an all-time low.

And, to make it worse … they’re spending huge amounts on stretch film, wasting tonnes of plastic and using far too much packaging.

Sound familiar? 
We can help.

Our consultants will help you improve your load stability
whilst reducing your costs and the amount of film used.

Safe, stable pallets


Huge cost savings


Reduced plastic film use


Read how our load stability consultations helped a bedding manufacturer save £93,900 a year on their
stretch wrap spend, reduce downtime and cut their plastic film consumption from 84 tonnes to 36 tonnes.

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How our load stability consultations work


Step 1

An experienced Hazel 4D load stability consultant will visit your warehouse or manufacturing centre to look at how you’re currently stretch wrapping your pallets, your machinery and settings and the type and amount of stretch film you’re using.

We’ll measure the weight of film you use, the number of revolutions it takes to wrap a pallet, how much your wrapping machines are stretching your pallet wrap and how well it's holding your goods in place.

We’ll check if there’s any film slippage or breakages and chat to your warehouse operatives about any issues they’re facing working with the film and machines daily.

Step 2

We’ll then prepare you a report of our findings and propose how we can work with you to achieve the maximum possible savings in terms of cost, waste reduction, efficiencies and damage reduction.

Step 3

If necessary, we’ll help you update your stretch wrapping machines and upgrade your stretch film to Extremus Stretch Film.

Extremus is a high performance, puncture-resistant load holding film. It’s made using the latest nanotechnology and, when applied correctly, complies with the EUMOS 40509 load rigidity standard.

If needed, you can choose to have remote monitoring on your new pallet wrappers so our consultants can quickly diagnose any issues with your machines and ensure they're performing to their optimum. 

Hazel 4D is a EUMOS registered firm.  
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Step 4

We’ll spend time on site with your in-house engineers to optimise the wrapping machines’ settings to ensure you’re wrapping each pallet consistently.

Using our state-of-the-art mobile pallet wrap testing system, we’ll measure the forces exerted on your pallets by the stretch film to fix instabilities and improve the rigidity of the pallets.

We’ll also explain the benefits of the solution to your warehouse operatives and train them in how to use the film and wrapping machines correctly.

This will ensure the stretch film is correctly loaded onto the machines, the correct settings are in place and the right amount of film is used to wrap your pallets safely.

Step 5

Once your processes have been improved, we don’t just leave you to it.

We conduct regular audits to make sure your operational improvements are being maintained, your targets are being met and that you’re still saving money.


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