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Sustainability & the environment



Committed to taking sustainability seriously

At Hazel 4D we're committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner, recognising the economic, social and environmental impact of our activities.

We're also dedicated to supporting our suppliers, partners and customers with their environmental goals.

We do this by focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling. 

Our environmental goals:

Eliminate product ‘unsaleables’ by helping customers reduce product damage and waste.

Source packaging that puts a lower ecological burden on the planet.

Strengthen our internal waste management and recycling processes year on year.

Help customers: 


Our environmental goals in action:



Reducing customers' plastic stretch film use by up to 65% through film optimisation consultations
and new generation multi-layer nano films

Helping customers reduce waste and reduce their Packaging Waste Recovery obligations (PRNs)

Helping customers consistently apply less tape per box with our automatic case sealers



Continually sourcing and introducing products made with recycled content, such as The Boxer®
and Pilot mailing bags

Helped customers reuse waste cardboard through closed loop recycling systems and cardboard
shredding machines

Implemented a buy back scheme to referbish and reuse strapping tools



93% of the packaging consumables we sell are fully recyclable. We aim to make this 100%
in the next 3 years

Introduced all protective paper mailers as an easily recyclable alternative to buble lined mailers

Introduced all paper documents enclosed wallets that can be recycled without removing them
from cardboard boxes

Some of our green products:


The environmental impact of climate change, single-use plastics and waste pollution is becoming increasingly apparent, causing sustainability to become a hot topic around the world.

Businesses are facing increased pressure from customers to become more environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of waste they’re producing.

The introduction of new environmental regulations and taxes means that companies also need to become more sustainable to stay on the right side of the law.

So … how can your business become more sustainable?



Plastic is often seen as the enemy of sustainability. But reports have suggested that paper isn’t as eco-friendly as it may seem. 

Let’s look at some of the arguments … 

It can be hard to decide which packaging materials are the best for the planet and your business. 

But whichever materials you choose, you can reduce their environmental impact by reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible. 

Sources: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47027792  |  https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/microplastics.html

Sustainable packaging consultations

So that we can fully understand your business and your company’s environmental goals, an experienced Hazel 4D consultant will come out to your working area. We’ll assess how sustainable your current products and processes are, as well as looking at your costs, what’s working well for you and what can be improved.

We’ll make recommendations, help you implement them and provide you with ongoing support.

We can help you become more environmentally friendly by:

Reducing product damages
decreasing returns and the
associateduse of extra resources

Minimising energy use
by upgrading outdated machinery
and making processes more efficient

Recommending sustainable
products and machinery
and helping you implement them

How we’ve helped our customers:

Reducing plastic waste and eliminating harmful gases

A bathroom product supplier was wasting a lot of plastic by applying one size of shrink hood to all of their pallets. Hazel 4D consultants installed energy efficient pallet wrappers at their site and swapped their shrink hoods for Extremus Stretch Film.

This removed the need to use propane gas shrink guns, saved them £60,000 per year and reduced the amount of plastic they use by around 80% per pallet.

Reducing plastic waste through preventative maintenance

Dirty pre-stretch rollers were causing a customer’s pallet wrappers to run at half their efficiency and waste plastic film through slippage.

By regularly servicing their machines, our consultants reduced their plastic waste and helped them save around £28k per annum on stretch film.

Reducing plastic waste and CO2 impact

Worn pallet wrappers meant a snack manufacturer was wasting huge amounts of plastic stretch film. Their shipments were being returned due to damage to their point of sale packaging.

By installing new pallet wrappers, optimising their machine settings and swapping their film for Extremus Stretch Film, Hazel 4D reduced their CO2 impact by 65%, reduced the amount of plastic they use by 66% and eliminated their product returns.

Get in touch to learn more about Hazel 4D's sustainability consultations

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