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Focusing on reducing damage rates

Hazel 4D started working with an international retailer when their presence in the UK was small and they had only one distribution centre. Over the next three years their packaging spend increased by 400% relying on Hazel 4D for more and more support during this aggressive expansion programme.

As the account grew we started looking at ways in which we could help improve their business performance and grow at a sustainable rate. Below are detailed some specific projects we have worked on together.


Direct to store solution

We worked with central procurement to reduce costs and achieve significant operational benefits in relation to their contract for ticketing, labelling and packaging products.


Total packaging management

We set up and ran the TPM supply system into their processing centres to ensure their packaging requirements are fulfilled at all times, this includes on site consignment stock holding counted on a monthly basis by the Hazel 4D team resulting in one invoice per month and reduced hassle and costs.

Time and motion studies were conducted along with extensive user feedback.


Loss prevention program

We worked closely with the senior management personnel to provide solutions to curb the cost of damage to goods in transit. This included following the life cycle of a product from distribution to store, resulting in alternative innovative packaging methods being implemented to reduce loss.



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