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Get your goods safely from A to B with Extremus

Incorrectly wrapped pallets are a serious health and safety risk and can have expensive consequences.

Studies have shown that 4% of all transported goods are damaged in transit*

Extremus Stretch Film keeps your pallet loads safe and secure.

This puncture-resistant load holding pre-stretched film is manufactured using state-of-the-art nanotechnology.

Applied correctly, it won’t stretch during transit, reducing the risk of damage to your goods.

*Source: Ku Leuven University, Belgium

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Why switch to Extremus Stretch Film?

Reduce movement in transit

Enhanced bulk stacking safety

Lower cost per pallet wrapped

Reduced plastic consumption

Lower your plastic tax (PRN’s)


Improve operational efficiency

Increased customer satisfaction

Deliver consistency

High clarity film for
presentation & scanning

Eumos Compliant

We're a EUMOS registered firm! 

Extremus Stretch Film is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the EUMOS 40509 load rigidity legislation for cargo transportation.

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the latest technology in stretch films

Extremus Stretch Film is produced from a unique blend of polymers using the latest nanotechnology.

It’s manufactured to exact specifications and subjected to rigorous inline quality control throughout the process.

The result is a superior stretch film that performs even in the most difficult of applications.

It's perfect for wrapping products like bottled water and soft drinks.

Extremus Stretch Film has a substantially thinner gauge than standard stretch film and can be applied at less than 3 microns.

This reduces the amount of film needed to wrap a pallet and lowers your packaging costs, whilst still preserving the integrity and safety of each load.

The quality stretch film is reliable, consistent and can be used right down to the end of the roll without wastage.


Read how a manufacturer saved £93,900 a year on their stretch film spend by switching to Extremus Stretch Film.

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Extremus is pre-stretched during manufacture and, using the correct wrapping machine settings, it can be stretched up to 300% when applied to a pallet. This ensures the film won’t stretch further during transit, keeping your goods held firmly in place.


It’s not just about your film,
it’s about how you apply it

We want to make sure you’re applying your stretch film correctly and using your stretch wrappers to the best of their ability.

That’s why we've invested in state-of-the-art mobile testing equipment to enable you to experience first-hand the results you can achieve with Extremus Stretch Film and the correct machine settings.

Ask us for a load stability consultation.

Reduce your plastic film by up to


Save in excess of


a year on stretch film


Watch the acceleration test video to see how secure goods are when wrapped in Extremus Stretch Film

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