The Hazel 4D Total Packaging Management (TPM) system is used by our largest clients.

We store your stock and arrange for the provision of managed consignment stock to be collected or delivered to you on a regular basis with stock takes taking place monthly.

Top-ups to pre-determine maximum stock levels happen automatically with one invoice being raised per month solely for the quantities used.

Hazel 4D were the first company to launch Total Packaging Management to the UK market. 

Now provided to a range of our accounts, we offer a full service that takes away the burden of worrying about stock levels, ordering, paperwork and storage space. 


Whether you buy packaging from our main product range or have your own bespoke or branded packaging, we will store your stock in our warehouse and then arrange to have deliveries made to you. A monthly drop off will ensure you receive your packaging on time and only in the volumes you’ll need to meet demand. Plus, there’s no charge for carriage. 


No stock taking to do and just one monthly invoice 

Your own account manager will visit your site monthly to do a stock take and a full report will be provided so you can see exactly what you’ve used and when. You’ll then receive one monthly invoice charging you solely for the packaging used. 


who is it right for? 

Total Packaging Management is right for your business if: 

You have adequate space for the storage of 1 month’s packaging in your warehouse 

You have an minimum packaging spend of £40,000 a year or £3,500 a month. 


Minimum order quantities are no longer an issue 

If you have bespoke or branded packaging, minimum order quantities can often cause a problem if you’re a growing business with limited storage space. Our TPM service means we can store up to 6 months’ worth of packaging, ensuring you can still take advantage of reduced costs through bulk ordering. 



Our monthly reports detail exactly what you’ve used, dates of delivery and what you have left in stock, right down to individual product level. This enables better financial planning for your business and allows you to identify seasonal peaks and troughs in packaging usage. 


Suddenly find you have a peak in business? 

This is not a problem. Packaging top ups can be arranged at just 24 hours’ notice and there’s no delivery costs to pay.


1. Your dedicated Hazel 4D account manager will come and visit your site

2. We will do a full review of your packaging, to see how your processes can be improved and if your current packaging range can be streamlined

3. We will present you with a full packaging proposal including costs and a delivery plan for your consideration.

4. On approval we will agree a date to the commence delivery

5. Your first month’s delivery arrives

6. Your operations run smoothly with enough packaging stock for the month

7. You or your Hazel 4D account manager do a stock monthly stock take

8. You receive your invoice (only for packaging used)

9. Your monthly stock replenishment delivery arrives


Complete Care Shop is a rapidly growing business that supplies mobility aids to the public sector, businesses and consumers. 

"I feel assured that we're in safe hands."
Richard Speight - Warehouse Supervisor 

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Sweet Squared has grown to become a major distributor of the "best in the show" brands to the UK beauty industry, holding the exclusive UK distribution rights for the sale of CND's Shellac nail covering.

"The reason why I chose, and stay with Hazel 4D is because of the service level and peace of mind it gives me."
Stuart Mangham - Warehouse Manager

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