In order to improve the business performance of our clients, we put innovation at the heart of everything we do.

Hazel 4D work with a global network of partners who have expertise in every field of packaging to ensure we have access to the most up to date innovative packaging developments and technologies.

We will work with your internal packaging development teams to bring all relevant innovations to you.

How we innovate...

As we work with a huge variety of clients, our consultants are constantly developing numerous solutions which can of ten bring value to our other clients. This experience allows us to pro-actively bring new ideas and suggestions to the table. 

Hazel 4D believes that in order to consistently innovate and bring additional value the most important element to integrate is a robust innovation/development process that is totally aligned with what our clients' packaging development objectives.

In order to understand better what your needs are, our team will be deployed to identify, support and access areas where improvement can be made for your benefit. 

What we want to know...

How can waste be eliminated? 

Where can downtime and labour costs be reduced? 

How can processes be improved to increase output? 

Where can automation be used to save cost? 

Are there opportunities for better products to be used? 

What packaging development opportunities are there? 

What are the current returns volumes and how are these generated? 

What training is required to ensure brand protection, safety, minimise packaging cost and increase consistency?



Units packed per hour

Cost per package

Reducing damage volumes

Customer experience

 Volume of space taken by packaging materials

Commitment to reuse packaging for returns

Volume of packed goods

Flexibility of packaging

Bottlenecks in packing lines

 Overall efficiency

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We put our clients at the centre of everything we do and believe that 'no' is never an answer - we go that extra mile when it comes to solving our clients' problems.

A company built on strong ethical foundations, our honesty and integrity is fundamental in how we do business.

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