E-Commerce... The pressure is on!

In 2017 we’ve seen an increase in the number of e-commerce companies and the customised delivery of parcels. Companies like Amazon have been investing in parcel lockers which simplify the way the customer receives their order. This way they’re protecting the customer from a lot of issues, including their parcels being left in insecure locations or worse, being given the dreaded “Sorry we missed you…” card…

Being available 24/7, these lockers allow people to collect their parcels whenever is most convenient to them, even during the night.

Other companies are now following this trend now that they are realising how much work is involved in the delivery and collection of parcels as online shopper numbers increase exponentially.

The Safety Letterbox Company has launched a new division of their business dedicated to satisfy this need in the market. They’ve been testing their new parcels lockers service in residential blocks which will allow people to not only receive parcels, but also return them to the selling company with no fuss.

These new lockers are also filling the need for other freight companies to deliver parcels directly to the customer using this same system, making it suitable for any parcel delivery company to use them.

All of these developments are in line with the market trend that we’ve been seeing over the past few years. The store customer has become the online shopper, and with the ease of buying online, the pressure is on. Remember that this pressure mounts not only for the delivery systems that bring the parcels to the locker, but also the ecology of these systems. We can’t forget the amazing mistakes some companies have made in the past when it comes to over packing and creating unnecessary waste…

Can we afford not to think about this...?


Posted on 22/01/2018


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