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We work closely with ESTL nv, an engineering company that specialises in researching how to safely transport products by road.

We were the first company in the UK to buy their FEF 200 pallet load testing device to test the forces exerted on the edges of pallet loads by the stretch wrap.

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Why is having secure pallets important?

Wrapping your pallet loads safely and securely is essential to prevent potential road traffic accidents and huge product losses. Pallets need to be able to cope with any accelerations or decelerations without losing their structure or rigidity.

EU legislation introduced in 2018 has put the responsibly for securing cargo safely on everybody from the loader to the driver.  An important part of pallet securing is making sure your stretch film is applied correctly.

What is the FEF 200?

The FEF 200 is a device made up of load cells that can be attached to the edges of a pallet load before wrapping it with stretch film.

Once the pallet wrapping cycle is started, the device accurately measures the forces the stretch film places on the edges of the pallet load.

The scientific results can expose any instabilities and weaknesses in the wrapping cycle.

How do we use the results?

We use the FEF 200 device during our pallet load stability consultations to help our customers optimise the settings of their pallet wrapping machines and ensure they’re wrapping their loads as securely as possible.

The test results allow us to see the holding force of the stretch film all the way down the pallet load. This helps us identify potential risks, e.g. any weak points in the stretch film that could break or snap when transported.

We then adjust the settings of our customers’ pallet wrapping machines to fix any stretch film weaknesses, prevent the corners of cardboard boxes being crushed and improve the stability of the pallets, e.g. by decreasing the speed or increasing the number of revolutions in a wrapping cycle.

The device can be used on any pallet load, big or small, so once we’ve helped our customers find the optimum wrapping settings and stretch film for their pallets, we can copy the wrapping cycle from one machine to another.

If our customers require formal certification of the stability of their pallets, our relationship with ESTL nv allows us to formally test how their pallets cope with accelerations and decelerations in a test lab environment.

Want to check your pallet are safe to transport?

Ask us for a load stability consultation!

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