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eco-friendly paper void fill system

Nuevopak™ is a highly efficient recycled paper void fill system.

It uses biodegradable paper to produce protective paper padding 
or box filler to protect products from damage in transit. 

Nuevopak™ is a sustainable alternative to using bubble wrap. 

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The new design of the X-Fold™ paper stock reduces the amount of material required, without sacrificing output. 

X-Fold™ paper stock is specifically designed for use in the X-Series™ machines, to quicken throughput speed and splice effortlessly between units for a continuous feed.

thinking outside of the machine™

The new X-Series™ machines challenge the current industry standard
of oversized cumbersome paper packaging systems with new sleek, compact designs. Nuevopak™ uses recycled paper as their only packaging material, in keeping with their company mission to stay sustainable.


Easier to repair than ever
Modular design makes part
repair or replacement easier

No extra waste

Continuous feed saves 
reloading time


User-Friendly Ready Load™



nuevopak X-Series Machines


The X-Fill™ is ideal for small to medium
volume void fill packaging operations.

It produces recycled paper box filler.
Standing or tabletop machines available.

Flexible Design
Versatile, suits any workstation

Easy to use foot pedal control

The X-Fill™ dispenses 1.7 m/s

3D Crumple
Maximum void fill performance

Perfect for top fill, bracing
and protecting fragile goods


TECHNICAL DETAILS             Watch Video


The X-Pad™ is ideal for medium to heavy
volume void fill cushion packaging.

It produces protective paper pads.
  Standing or tabletop machines available.

Fastest Machine in the Industry
X-PadTM dispenses 8 m/min


User Friendly
Easy to use touch screen operation


Ready LoadTM
X-Fold™ paper allows quick and easy
re-loading and continuous feeding


Small Footprint
The X-Pad™ machine has the
smallest footprint on the market

Versatile and Eco-Friendly
Different configurations
allow it to fit any workstation


TECHNICAL DETAILS            Watch Video


ask us for more information about Nuevopak™ 

0113 242 6999 | Wecare@hazel4d.com


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