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100% paper, 100% recyclable

Exclusive to Hazel 4D!

bye-bye bubble mailers

Exclusive to Hazel 4D, eco-friendly Surf all paper mailers are made of paper, inside and out.

They offer the same level of protection for your products as standard bubble mailers but they’re easier to recycle and better for the planet.

Our brown Kraft paper Surf mailers are made from recycled paper.

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paper lining, same protection

Surf envelopes are made of four layers of recyclable paper. The protective lining, made of coated corrugated paper, gives the envelope its strength and rigidity.

Surf padded paper mailers are as strong as bubble-lined envelopes and protect your products just as well.

When we conducted drop tests with a world-renowned facility, the tests proved that there is no loss of protection when using a Surf envelope instead of a bubble-lined mailer.

Surf mailers are FSC and Aticelca 501 certified.

All paper

Same protection

100% recyclable



10 different sizes

Mailing made easy

Our lightweight Surf envelopes are available in brown or white. They come in 10 different sizes and can be used to protect all sorts of everyday products from the perils of the post.

With Surf you can rest assured that your books, cables, sensitive documents or chip and pin devices will arrive safely with your customers in one piece.

The adhesive strip means products can be packaged and protected in a matter of seconds.

Make your mailers memorable

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with your customers and help them remember your brand.

Add your company logo or message to your Surf mailers to make the ultimate first impression.

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The eco-friendly alternative to using bubble-lined mailers




With Surf, you don’t need to separate materials or make a trip to a special plastic recycling point.

Padded paper Surf envelopes are widely recyclable and can be popped straight into a household recycling bin when you’re finished with them.


Very few people recycle bubble-lined envelopes properly. After all, who has the time to spend separating the plastic lining from the paper outer layer?

Sadly, when you put a standard bubble mailer in your recycling bin, it could still end up in landfill as kerbside recycling of plastic bubble lining is still limited in certain areas.

In some places, it needs to be recycled at special collection points along with carrier bags.

These specialist points are usually located at household waste centres and some (but not all) supermarkets so you could be looking at a long journey to reach one.

Easy to recycle

Saves effort

Saves time

No need to separate materials


Available in two colours: Brown or white




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