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Our safety knives and film cutters are designed to open various types of packaging without damaging the contents, or your fingers!

With concealed blades and automatically retracting blades, our safety knives protect users and prevent injuries and downtime in the warehouse.

Our versatile range includes ceramic blade knives, cartridge knives, spring-loaded retracting blade knives, fish knives and film cutters. 

Whether you need to open stretch film, boxes, cartons or straps, we have a safety knife for you.

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Which safety knife should I choose?

Opening boxes? Slitting tape? Cutting strapping?

Find out which knife is best for your warehouse.

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No loose blades

Prevent injuries

Protect your staff

Reduce downtime

Buzz off workplace injuries

Knife cuts can sting.

Luckily, the Bumblebee Cartridge Safety knife is designed to prevent them.

The ergonomic Bumblebee safety knife is a lightweight cartridge knife made to guarantee the safety of its user. 

The blade is enclosed within a cartridge meaning you never need to touch the blade directly, even when replacing it.

This allows warehouse operatives to safely replace the blade themselves without the need to ask a health and safety representative to do it for them. This reduces downtime, makes the replacement process quick and easy and reduces the risk of operatives using blunt blades.

The spring-activated case closes automatically after each cut so the blade is never unnecessarily exposed.

The cartridge can be manually locked so the blade can’t cause laceration injuries in the user’s pocket or when the knife is being carried.



Our Bumblebee knife is a safer alternative to standard utility knives, such as single-edge and snap-off razor blade knives.

The blade is great for opening boxes and cutting cardboard and the tape slitter at the end of the knife’s handle can be used to cut tape.

The cartridge reduces the chances of replacement blades going missing, causing injuries or even ending up in food!


Ceramic blade knives

Ceramic blades are durable and last up to ten times longer than traditional steel blades.

The blades are safer to touch and don't need to be changed as often as steel blades, reducing the chance of injuries during blade changes.

They’re also stronger so the blades are less likely to snap.

Sabre supersafe knife with ceramic blade

This ceramic blade knife has a fully-automatic retractable blade that withdraws as soon as it loses contact with the item you’re cutting. 

It features a quick blade change system, alloy housing and soft grip.

Sabre midi knife with auto-retracting ceramic blade

This general-purpose ceramic blade knife cuts through cardboard, strapping and shrink wrap easily. 

For safety, it has a spring-loaded auto-retracting blade that retracts as soon as you take your thumb off the knife.

The ceramic blade can be changed quickly and easily.

Sabre mini knife with ceramic blade

This light duty ceramic blade knife can be used for a variety of purposes and is ideal for cutting through cardboard and shrink wrap safely. 

The ceramic blade can be retracted and changed quickly and easily.


Metal blade safety knives

sabre Supersafe metal blade knife

This safety knife has a fully-automatic retractable metal blade that retracts as soon as it loses contact with the item you’re cutting. 

It features a quick blade change system, alloy housing and soft grip.

HK1 knife

This general-purpose knife features pocket and finger protection and has a spring-loaded auto-retracting blade. 

It’s available in left and right-handed versions.

Fish knife with hook blade

The popular fish safety knife features a concealed blade that’s ideal for slitting stretch wrap, plastic straps, foam, and bubble wrap easily without bunching or sticking. 

It also comes with a hook blade that’s covered when not in use. The hook blade is great for cutting through tape to open boxes. 

Changing the blades is quick and easy and the strong ‘nose’ won’t bend to expose the blade.

Safety Film cutters

Our range of film cutters are strong, lightweight and easy to use. Their blades are concealed to make slitting film, bubble wrap and foam safe. Each knife also features a tape slitter designed to open boxes quickly.

The enclosed blade prevents goods, such as furniture, from being damaged when the protective film around them is slit.


Don’t forget your…


Yoyo Knife holdeR

Keep your safety knife to hand at all times with the Yoyo knife holder with retractable cord. 

Simply clip the Yoyo to your belt and attach your knife to the holder using the keyring or press stud fastening.

You’ll never lose your knife again!


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