5 reasons you should be using
pre-stretched hand film



What is pre-stretched hand film?

Pre-stretched hand film is blown pallet wrap that is stretched during manufacture. This means that, unlike standard stretch film, operators don’t need to use great force to stretch it when applying it to pallets or boxes.

Here are 5 reasons you should use pre-stretched hand pallet wrap instead of standard stretch film:

1. Easy to apply

As pre-stretched film is already stretched, it’s very easy to apply. You only need to use minimum force to activate the film when wrapping a pallet, which reduces strain on your back. You can also walk forwards around the pallet which decreases your chance of tripping and falling.

2. Consistent cost to wrap a pallet

With standard stretch film, the cost to wrap pallets of the same size varies depending on how far operators stretch the film when they apply it. As pre-stretched film is already stretched, there will be no difference in the stretch applied to the film from operator to operator. A similar amount of pre-stretched film will be used per pallet, so the cost of wrapping a pallet will be consistent. 

3. Safer loads 

It’s impossible to stretch standard hand film to its maximum without the use of machinery. This means it can move and stretch in transit if vehicles brake and turn sharply. This results in unstable loads and can be dangerous. 

As pre-stretched film has been stretched during manufacture, it won’t stretch more during transit, keeping goods safe and secure. Pre-stretched hand film tightens around the pallet once it’s applied, increasing load stability further. 

4. Strong

Standard stretch film is usually the weakest at the edges. If you accidently drop a roll of normal stretch film, it usually damages it, so it can no longer be used. Pre-stretched film has reinforced and oscillated edges which prevents film breakages. The additive in pre-stretched hand film means, if the film is punctured in the middle, tears won’t spread to the edges of the film so you can continue to use it. 

5. Less film waste

Pre-stretched film is lighter and thinner than standard stretch film, so you use less film to wrap each pallet. This reduces your overall costs, decreases your plastic use, means you throw less cores away and reduces packaging waste (which can help you meet your packaging waste obligations).  


Need more convincing?

Get in touch to arrange a demo of our Extremus 11 pre-stretched hand film. A Hazel 4D consultant will come out to you so you can see the benefits for yourself. 

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