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Eco-friendly carton sealing tape

Gummed paper tape is an environmentally friendly tape made from recycled paper. It’s a sustainable alternative to using plastic tape and is effective even on dusty surfaces.

Used by the majority of the UK’s largest e-commerce retailers, gummed paper tape helps to prevent theft by providing a strong, tamper evident seal on cardboard boxes and cartons.

The tape is water-activated and becomes sticky when moistened using a gummed paper tape dispenser.

It can be printed with your company logo or message to enhance presentation and connect with your customers.

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Made from recycled paper

100% recyclable

Tamper evident

Presentable seal

Easy to apply

esistant to
humidity and du

Reduce your plastic use

Biodegradable gummed paper tape is an eco-friendly alternative to using self-adhesive polypropylene or PVC tapes. It’s made of recycled paper and is 100% recyclable.

It bonds to cartons naturally and only one strip of tape is needed to seal the top of a carton, whereas most self-adhesive tapes would require two or three. This helps you reduce the amount of tape you use; great for the planet and your pocket!

Prevent pilferage

Gummed paper tape is extremely strong and can’t be re-sealed after it’s been removed, making it obvious if anyone has tampered with the seal in transit.

The tape is resistant to dust, humidity and changes in temperature so it won’t dry out or peel off. It can be trusted to seal packages securely anywhere in the world.


need extra security?

Choose reinforced gummed paper tape with an embedded glass fibre mesh


Perfect presentation

Gummed paper tape looks neat and is more presentable than self-adhesive tapes, enhancing the overall appearance of your package when it’s delivered to your customers. It’s also less messy than using glue to seal your cartons.

It can be printed with your branding or a message to add extra value to your packaging and help you make a good impression.

Easy, ergonomic dispensing

Easily moisten and dispense gummed paper tape using a table top gummed paper tape dispenser.

These convenient dispensers can be used to cut your tape to your desired length at any warehouse packing bench. They’re easy to use and much quicker than sealing boxes with carton staples or using a handheld dispenser to apply plastic tape. The dispensers are available in electronic or manual versions.

Manual gummed paper tape dispenser

Featuring hassle-free drop-in tape loading, this manual dispenser moistens and cuts tape quickly with just one pull of the handle.

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Electronic gummed paper tape dispenser

Ideal for sealing cartons of the same size quickly, this electronic dispenser comes with a tactile keypad with repeat keys for long and short tape lengths.

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