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Hazel 4D |Paper documents enclosed wallets


100% recyclable

Reduce your plastic waste by swapping your plastic documents enclosed wallets for our eco-friendly paper document wallets.

These paper wallets make recycling easy as there’s no need to remove them from the cardboard box before recycling.

The self-adhesive backing means you can quickly stick the document wallets to cardboard boxes to hold A5 or A6 invoices or packing notes.

They’re transparent so your customers can easily identify the parcel’s contents.

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100% Paper

100% Recyclable



Quick to apply

Strong Adhesive


Available in two sizes:

 A5 - 228 x 165 mm   |   A6 – 162 x 120 mm

What are they made of?

100% paper.

These documents enclosed wallets are made of renewable raw materials that were specifically selected for their rigidity.

The top paper, bottom adhesive paper and backing release paper are all fully recyclable. The adhesive is a specific hot-melt adhesive for recycled cardboard.

The paper is chlorine-free and meets the sustainable forest management and sustainable development criteria.

Ready to recycle  

Paper documents enclosed wallets make it easier to do your bit for the planet. There’s no need to detach them from the cardboard box after use, so your customers can simply throw them straight into their home recycling bins

quick to stick

The self-adhesive backing means you can quickly stick the paper document wallets to your boxes.

The strong adhesive ensures packing documents don’t fall off and get lost in transit.


Totally transparent

These transparent document wallets make it easy for your customers to identify the contents of their parcels.

There’s no need for them to take the packing list or invoice out of the wallet to see what’s inside.


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