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We’re proud to be the exclusive UK distributor of semi-automatic Atlanta Stretch pallet wrapping machines.

Atlanta Stretch is one of the largest manufacturers of stretch wrapping machines in Europe. Based in Italy, they have a huge European presence and large clients including global soft drink manufacturers and other FMCG companies. They pride themselves on the excellent build quality of their stretch wrappers and all their machines are designed to be low maintenance and easy to install.

Our range of Atlanta stretch wrapping machines includes manual, mobile robot, turntable, rotating arm and fully automatic pallet wrappers.

These machines speed up stretch wrapping processes and improve efficiency.

Mobile robot pallet wrapper

Self-propelled robot stretch wrapper that
can be used anywhere in the warehouse.

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Manual pallet wrapper

Simple mobile stretch wrapper that’s easier
than wrapping pallets by hand.

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Turntable pallet wrappers

Static machines with a rotating turntable, ideal
for securing heavy pallet loads with stretch film.

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rotary arm pallet wrappers

Perfect for wrapping unstable or loose loads as the
rotating arm moves around the pallet to wrap it,
rather than spinning the load itself.

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Superb service levels

Many companies install your pallet wrapping machines then just leave you to it, returning only to give your machine a quick clean and service every so often.

We’re not like that. We want to give you the best value for money from your pallet wrappers.

All of our Atlanta machines will be installed and maintained by Hazel 4D’s own in-house technicians.

Not only will we service your pallet wrappers, we’ll also make sure your machines are stretching the film to the best of their ability to ensure your pallets loads are as safe and secure as they can be.

Our qualified technicians can help you adjust your machine settings to get the most out of your machines and answer any questions you might have about pallet load stability, stretch film, or packaging in general.

The European Safe Logistics Association (EUMOS) has officially recognised Hazel 4D as a EUMOS registered firm due to our commitment to increasing transport and logistics safety through pallet load securing.

The perfect partner for your pallet wrappers

Improve the stability of your pallets by wrapping them with Extremus Stretch Film, a high-performance load holding film with a high tear resistance.

When applied correctly, Extremus Stretch Film can save you money, reduce film wastage and prevent downtime.

A bedding manufacturer saved £93,900 on their annual pallet wrap spend by switching to Extremus and working with Hazel 4D to optimise their wrapping machines’ settings.

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Get in touch for more information
about our pallet wrapping machines:

0113 242 6999    wecare@hazel4d.com

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