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Made to go the extra mile,
Extremus film

High quality raw materials and the latest nanotechnology make Extremus the unbeatable film it is. When optimised, Extremus can stretch up to 300%, delivering the ultimate in strength and stability. And because it’s puncture and tear resistant, it’s still quick and efficient to use.


Outstanding holding force

Extremus stretch film is produced from a unique blend of polymers using the latest nanotechnology for outstanding holding force and reduced movement.

safe, stable pallets

Consistent strength and stability means safer pallet transit, little or no damage to products, quicker unloading, easier handling for customers and safer storage.


Optical clarity

Extremus has a substantially thinner gauge than standard stretch film giving unbeatable clarity.

High clarity, easy scanning

This speeds up scanning and unloading for customers and gets you back on the road sooner. Loads are presented neatly and professionally too.


Ultra strong application and up to 300% stretch

Ultra strong nano film means you use less without compromising on the stability and safety of each load.

Minimal Waste & Cost

This significantly reduces the volume of plastic used, lowers your plastic waste and PRN’s, and allows you to forget other protective packaging too.


Consistent material blend and high puncture resistance

This puncture-resistant load holding 33 layer nano stretch machine film is manufactured using state-of-the-art nanotechnology.

Faster wrapping

So you can keep up your wrap-speed without worrying about punctures and line stoppage.





When we work with you to understand your needs, recommend a tailored solution and optimise machines and material, you get total load stability and a real weight off your mind. Plus, we’ll make sure it stays that way with regular visits to ensure your system is always on top form.




33 Layers

Engineered specifically for securing safer pallets, Extremus film performs at higher wrapping speeds with ease.

It has excellent load retention which leads to more stable and secured shipments, reducing the risk of load damages when under transportation. It is well suited to pallets of all types.


Extremus datasheet

Download a more detailed datasheet of Extremus features.

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EUMOS compliant

Extremus Stretch Film is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the EUMOS 40509 load rigidity legislation for cargo transportation.

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