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Ultimate performance, stretch, and speed -
Atlanta Machines

We’re exclusive UK stockists of Atlanta’s smart, adaptable machines. Consistently delivering savings, stability and total peace of mind to your pallet-wrapping process. Built to optimise materials performance, minimise waste and streamline your pallet-wrapping efficiency.


Precision programme controls

You can create your own programmes, use a whole range of pre-programmed settings and when in use, lock them, so you get the same perfect wrap consistently across a load – it makes getting up and running faster and delivers better results.

Easy installation for fast set up

Installation is plug and play so it’s a simple set up – once we’ve optimised your film and wrap, trained you and tested the system, you’re ready to go, faster and stronger than ever before.

Patented pre-stretch rollers

Variable pre stretch rollers ensure you get the most out of your film. They require low maintenance to ensure consistent film performance and they can deliver up to 300% stretch from Extremus films.

Ergonomic options

Loose tail ends are a hazard, and give your customers work to do. Ergonomic controls allow you to pack tight and neat, with no tail ends, for an easy load, unload and store.


Mobile Robot Pallet Wrapper

Self-propelled robot stretch wrapper that can be used anywhere in the warehouse.

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Manual Pallet Wrapper

Simple mobile stretch wrapper that’s easier than wrapping pallets by hand.

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Turntable Pallet Wrappers

Static machines with a rotating turntable, ideal for securing heavy pallet loads with stretch film.

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Rotary Arm Pallet Wrappers

Perfect for wrapping unstable or loose loads as the rotating arm moves around the pallet to wrap it, rather than spinning the load itself.

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When we work with you to understand your needs, recommend a tailored solution and optimise machines and material, you get total load stability and a real weight off your mind. Plus, we’ll make sure it stays that way with regular visits to ensure your system is always on top form.




EUMOS compliant

Extremus Stretch Film is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the EUMOS 40509 load rigidity legislation for cargo transportation.

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We’ll partner with you to understand the real challenges and will tailor a solution to fit, perfectly.

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Case study

Learn how our Intelligent Load Stability system saved one customer £100,000 a year.

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IPN pet nutrition Case study

Learn how we achieved an incredible 81% in waste reduction and time lost through roll changes was reduced by 70%.

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