Our market leading tape range offers solutions for every packaging application.

From our super-adhesive E-tape range for all card and polythene surfaces, to our strong, tamper-proof and recyclable gummed paper tape, right through to our range of efficient Comarme case sealers and carton erectors: if it performs without compromise, we’ve got it.

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1. Smaller core

Packaging tape usually has a core that’s 76 mm in diameter. E-Tape has a reduced core I.D. of 50 mm.
This means that E-Tape has 26 mm more ‘space’ for tape than normal packing tape.

2. You get more tape on a single roll

As E-Tape has a smaller core, you can fit more tape on a roll, without compromising its overall size.

3. Less waste

Having a smaller core also influences the amount of rolls you use, therefore reducing the amount of waste you produce.

4. More efficient

The fact that you get more tape on a roll means that your packing operatives spend less time changing rolls on a shift.
This saves you precious time and money.

5. It's quiet

E-Tape has a special dispenser that reduces a lot of the noise produced while using tape. Not only will your warehouse become more efficient, it will also be quieter and more pleasant.

6. 127% more tape on a roll

As there’s 127% more tape on a roll of E-Tape compared to standard tape, you’ll also be saving money.

7. Environmentally friendly

Not only are the adhesives used on E-Tape better for the environment, but the small core means less waste.

8. Perfect for all applications

E-Tape can be used with cardboard, polythene, plastic and painted finishes and even difficult applications where acrylic and hot-melt adhesives aren’t suitable.

9. Different colours

E-Tape comes in almost every colour and we can even print your brand on the tape. We know how a message can be important, so we’ll make sure yours doesn’t get lost in translation.

10. Ergonomic dispenser

Have you seen the brilliant E-Tape dispenser? It’s light, easy to use and easy to grip. It’s also extremely safe to use because the blade is hidden


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