Our huge range of cardboard boxes are ideal for packing or protecting products.

From our fast application self adhesive boxes and book wraps to our extensive choice of single and double wall cartons, our whole range is manufactured from strong, rigid flute cardboard. This is made from recycled material and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, making it kind to the environment too.

Flat packed for easy storage, there’s sure to be a box in our range to suit your needs.

All dimensions are shown as length x width x height and are the internal dimensions of the carton.

3V self adhesive boxes


Our self-adhesive cardboard boxes and book-wraps take a load off, offering safe, secure packaging in seconds, with no need for extra taping. Perfect even for the busiest e-commerce operations, our easy-seal cardboard packaging is designed to get you despatching smarter and faster.

The fast self-seal makes packing quicker and easier whilst the neat, self-seal closure eliminates need for plastic tape.

User-friendly, easy-to-open tear strips improve consumer experience and the strong card provides product protection and stays smart in transit.

Made from 70-100% recycled paper

E-commerce products

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Easy seal saves time

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Secure design prevents damage

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Less waste, no need for tape

Our range of Cardboard Shipping Boxes

slider image - Self-adhesive cardboard book wraps

Self-adhesive cardboard book wraps

These flexible cardboard media wraps are designed to protect books, catalogues, DVDs and reams of paper in transit.
Made of strong testliner quality cardboard, they have all-round edge protection and a protruding rim to protect products from damage in transit.
Made of 100% recycled paper.

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slider image - Self-adhesive cardboard shipping boxes

Self-adhesive cardboard shipping boxes

Designed for busy e-commerce shipping operations, these self-adhesive cardboard boxes are quick to seal, pack and open.
With a ready-made automatic base that pops into place as you open up the cardboard, you can set up the box in seconds, saving time and increasing your output.
Made of 70% recycled paper.

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slider image - Single-Wall Postal Boxes

Single-Wall Postal Boxes

Our 0426 die cut postal boxes slot together without the need for tape while remaining sturdy and suitable for a range of packaging needs.
While 0427 self assemble boxes really are tough and sturdy with triple thickness sides which creates added strength. Lock in flaps give a neat, secure closure and extra protection.
Both manufactured from recycled paper.

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Finding the best packaging solution for your business

With our five-step consultation process, we discover your business needs, work with you to find the perfect packaging solution, implement it, and monitor its success.

Standard 0201 cartons

Single Wall

Our single wall cardboard boxes are ideal for everyday packaging or storing of products. These corrugated cardboard boxes have a high quality B-flute and are designed for lighter duty applications. 

For heavier loads we recommend our double wall range of cardboard boxes.

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Standard 0201 cartons

Double wall

Our double wall cardboard boxes are made with two layers of corrugated cardboard for extra strength and durability. Ideally suited to medium and heavy duty applications, these boxes will give additional strength, and greater protection for your products, and are ideal if products are to be stored for longer periods of time. 

Our double wall boxes also stack nicely due to their extra rigidity. For lighter duty applications why not take a look at our range of single wall cartons?

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wine bottle being inserted into cardboard box

Wine bottle shipping solutions

We’ve poured over 40 years of experience in unbeatable transit packaging solutions into developing a range of wine packaging that you can trust to protect wine during every step of its journey. All our products are strong, sustainable and do a first rate job of minimising packaging time, costs and waste.

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Case Study

Learn how our Total Packaging Management Service has helped support the rapid growth of a major supplier of e-commerce fulfilment solutions.

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vivino cardboard box for wine bottles

our wine bottle cardboard e-commerce range

slider image - Branded 6 bottle shipping carton

Branded 6 bottle shipping carton

These strong and sturdy corrugated cartons include built-in dividers to keep your bottles safe throughout their journey.
They’re a very sustainable option too, as they are made from 100% recycled material, and completely plastic free.

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slider image - 6 Bottle Carton With Dividers

6 Bottle Carton With Dividers

This one piece die-cut carton design includes built in dividers for rapid assembly, accommodates 6 bottles.
Made from 100% recycled paper.

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slider image - Single Wine Bottle E-commerce Carton

Single Wine Bottle E-commerce Carton

Our double-layer wine bottle cardboard carton packs allow you to pack single bottles of wine extremely efficiently, and can be printed for an even more professional look.
Totally plastic free, they’re made from 84% recycled material and biodegradable – making them a great choice for the planet.

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cardboard created for you

examples of printed packaging products

Bespoke & Printed Boxes

We have a huge selection of cardboard boxes but our bespoke service is what we’re known for. From printed branded boxes to specific cuts, shapes and sizes.

Our design team is fully equipped to deal with your requests and print perfectly to the highest standard. We offer competitive pricing on custom printed cardboard and e-commerce boxes, allowing you to print your brand.

Whatever you need, we can create.


Other cardboard products

slider image - Corrugated Cardboard Tubing

Corrugated Cardboard Tubing

Protective corrugated tubing that can be easily cut to any length.
Made from 100% recycled paper.

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slider image - Standard Cardboard Cores & Postal Tubes

Standard Cardboard Cores & Postal Tubes

Great for protecting rolled items like posters, charts and maps, our cardboard tubes are ideal for posting or storage. Each tube is supplied with snug-fitting plastic end caps.
Made from 100% recycled paper.

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slider image - Shell & Slide Foam Lined Boxes

Shell & Slide Foam Lined Boxes

Great for protecting fragile or valuable items, like circuit boards or spare parts, these shell and slides are lined with a protective, non-abrasive polyurethane foam lining that won’t scratch your products. They fully surround your products to immobilise them and cushion them from damage or knocks in transit or storage.

slider image - Wardrobe Cartons

Wardrobe Cartons

These double-wall wardrobe cartons are designed to protect high-quality garments in transit to ensure they arrive at their destination in pristine condition, ready to be hung straight onto the sales rail.
Manufactured from recycled paper.

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