Intelligent Load Stability

More stability, improved safety

Unstable loads in transit are the cause of an estimated quarter of all traffic accidents involving transport vehicles. Not only is our intelligent load stability system reducing accidents on the roads, it also makes moving, storing and stacking pallets safer on site too.

Less packaging, less waste

Our intelligent load stability system can get a super-stable 300% stretch out of Extremus film. This significantly reduces your plastic waste, lowers your PRNs, and allows you to forget other protective packaging too. Great news for your bottom line and the environment!

Lower cost per pallet wrapped

Nano-tech stretch film, optimised for best use, means savings on materials and it also means more stable loads, quicker wrapping, reduced downtime, neater and easier stacking and storing and fewer damages and returns. That all adds up to serious savings.

Delivering improved load stability and the lowest cost per pallet wrapped, whilst minimising your plastic usage and carbon footprint.

We provide the complete, end-to-end, solution. Our combination of advanced films and high performance wrapping machinery is delivered through a relentless commitment to customer service and technical excellence. Our engineers and technicians provide expert advice and ongoing support to ensure your pallet wrapping solution remains fully optimised to your requirements.

As packaging pioneers in stretch film, we revolutionised the market with Extremus Films and Intelligent Load Stability. Focussing on price per kg means you could be using more film per pallet, distributing unstable loads and operating inefficiently. As your packaging partner we review all of these direct and indirect costs, ensuring optimised processes, stable loads, and the lowest cost per pallet wrapped.

Wrapping your pallet loads safely and securely is essential to prevent potential accidents, product losses and hefty fines for delivery non-conformance. This reduces the chances of having the additional expense and hassle of reworking products. Pallets need to be able to cope with any accelerations or decelerations without losing their structure or rigidity. The EU legislation introduced in 2018 put the responsibility for securing cargo safely on everybody from the producer of the pallet load to the driver. Critical to safe and secure pallets, is making sure you use a high quality stretch film that’s applied properly and consistently using the correct machine settings or by hand.

Case Study

Saving Time, Money & Materials For Workplace Supplier

Experts in workplace supplies, the customer looked to us to help optimise their pallet wrapping process. When we first visited the customer their pay-per-wrap contract was almost up – the ideal time for us to step in to improve load stability whilst also reducing costs and plastic usage.

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