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Intelligent Load Stability

Intelligent Load Stability

In this section you’ll discover everything you need to know about pallet wrapping films, machinery and processes. Find out how to ensure that every pallet is safe and secure throughout transit and storage, and how to minimise pallet wrapping costs, plastic waste and returns.

Atlanta SFERA Robot Wrappers & Home Bargains – Video Testimonial

See how the Atlanta Sfera robot pallet wrappers from Hazel 4D made such significant efficiency improvements and cost reductions at Home Bargains.

How high can I stack a pallet?

As with a lot of these things, the answer is - it depends. The higher a pallet can be stacked, the lower the cost of transport or storage per unit becomes, however there are numerous considerations before deciding on the optimum pallet height, but before that let's look at a few generally accepted parameters.

Optimising Pallet Wrapping Machines

Why would you optimise a pallet wrapping machine? The most obvious reason is to reduce the costs of wrapping pallets,...

Load Stability – What can you do about it?

The sight of a collapsed pallet of goods in a warehouse is a reasonably common one, and it doesn’t take...

The intelligent choice for machine pallet wrapping and load stability

The Plastic Packaging Tax, which comes into effect on 1st April 2022, will affect all plastic packaging products in the...

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