In this section you’ll discover the latest developments in sustainable packaging solutions. Find out how to understand your obligations regarding waste reduction, and how your business can reduce its use of plastics.

What is ISO14001?

ISO standards are internationally agreed standards developed by groups of experts from across the globe. The experts collaborate to create standards which are otherwise described as the 'best way of doing something', and they negotiate every aspect of the standard, including definitions, content and scope.

How to cut down on plastic in shipping

Plastic is probably the most common commodity seen in the packaging industry, and with good reason. Since it’s invention, plastic...

Extremus Eco Nano recycled machine film – Is it really green?

The new Extremus Eco Nano 15 micron 30% recycled machine film from Hazel 4D has caused quite a stir in the 'pallet wrapping fraternity', but how good actually is it? At Hazel 4D we've had a lot of questions from interested clients so we decided to write an article to attempt to answer some of them.

Six ways of reducing plastic use in shipping

Plastic can be incredibly useful. It helps companies to get products to their customers and retailers hygienically, neatly, safely and...

Plastic Tax FAQs

The Plastic Packaging Tax is a first attempt at a tax of its kind, which will directly tax plastic packaging materials. The tax will apply to plastic packaging that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic, and has been manufactured in, or imported into the UK.

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