In this section you’ll discover the latest developments in sustainable packaging solutions. Find out how to understand your obligations regarding waste reduction, and how your business can reduce its use of plastics.

Six ways of reducing plastic use in shipping

Plastic can be incredibly useful. It helps companies to get products to their customers and retailers hygienically, neatly, safely and...

What is the Plastic Tax?

The introduction of new government taxes will have wide-reaching impacts on manufacturers, importers and customers alike. Specifically, the Plastic Packaging...

Plastic Tax & EPR Webinar November 2021

Are you aware of the future changes to packaging legislation and how they will impact your business?

Extended Producer Responsibility

what we know already about the new plastic recycling levies

ESG-Opportunity or threat?

Most people are pretty familiar with the concept of CSR – or Corporate and Social Responsibility – as it’s a...

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