Why Choose a High-Performance Atlanta Pallet Wrapping Machine?

Atlanta machines are built to optimise the performance of your materials, minimise cost and waste, and streamline your pallet-wrapping operation  – and are available from Hazel 4D to purchase or lease, meaning there is something for all your pallet-wrapping needs.

We are exclusive UK stockists of Atlanta machines, and if you’re looking to improve your pallet wrapping performance here are 4 reasons why you should make the move to Atlanta today: 

Precision Programme Controls

Multiple programmes and lockable programme controls mean you can create your own bespoke programmes, use a range of pre-programmed settings and lock them when in use. This allows you to achieve a consistent wrap across your loads – whatever they are made up of. What’s more, it makes it easier for finance teams to allocate accurate costs to bill of materials.

Easy Installation for a Fast Set-up

The compact height and footprint of Atlanta machines makes them easy to fit into an operation – and easy to maintain and move if needed. Installation is just plug and play – and once our expert consultants have optimised and tested your new system, and trained your staff, you’re ready to go.

Patented Pre-stretch Rollers

Variable pre-stretch rollers ensure you get the most out of your film. They’re low maintenance and using a high quality stretch wrap, like Extremus nanotechnology film, they can deliver an increased stretch of up to 300%, meaning 1 metre of film on the roll becomes 4 metres on the pallet.

Ergonomic Options

These provide you with a safe and tidy pallet, with no loose tail ends – resulting in unbeatable load stability, easy storage, reduced returns and lower costs. They also help keep your team safe and well, by reducing operator bending, back strain and fatigue.