Atlanta and Extremus - A greener pallet

Hazel 4D are once again demonstrating the outstanding results that are achievable with Atlanta Pallet Wrapping Machines. By combining the superior performance of the Atlanta pallet wrapping machines, with the Extremus advanced Nano technology machine films, we are providing our customers with a greener, more efficient pallet.


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With a range of pallet wrapping machines to suit virtually any application & with the ability to optimise the stretch on the film. We are proving that you can:

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Reduce the quantity of film used to wrap a pallet by 70%

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Reduce the cost to wrap a pallet by 40-50%

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Extremus Eco Nano Machine Film

This demonstrates that pallet load stability does not require an overabundance of film to achieve. And now, in a market changing development, Hazel 4D introduce a 15mu Nano film with 30% recycled content – the Extremus Eco Nano machine film.

This revolutionary new product will stretch to over 250% and has the clarity and appearance of a virgin film, but with the added benefit of being exempt from the pending plastic tax.

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Kevin Oliver - our Technical Sales manager at Hazel 4D says;

‘This product really is a game changer. For the first time ever, large users of film can look to use a film with recycled content without losing the stretchability of the film, and at a cost per pallet wrapped that will be lower than most pallet wrap users are currently achieving. This product will outperform any traditional film whilst being Plastic Tax exempt and is a great option for brands looking to demonstrate their own environmental responsibility through sourcing recycled content packaging’

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