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Packaging consultations



Spending too much on packaging? Want to be more environmentally friendly? Using outdated packaging processes, products or machinery?

We can help.


Finding the best packaging solution for your business

Whatever your business needs, we’ll work with you to find the perfect packaging solution, implement it and monitor its success.

Our FREE packaging consultations can help you …


Reduce your packaging costs

Decrease product damage rates

Reduce labour costs 

Reduce the amount
of packaging you use


Become more eco-friendly

Improve your customer experience

Increase your output

Update your old products
and machinery


Read how we helped a cosmetics distributor become more environmentally friendly,
decrease damages in transit and eliminate customer complaints.

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How our consultations work


Step 1 – Site visit

So that we can fully understand your business and your packaging requirements, an experienced Hazel 4D consultant will come out to your working area.

We’ll look at your current packaging processes and chat to you about the challenges you’re facing.

We’ll assess the quality of the machinery and products you’re using, your costs, what’s working well for you and what can be improved.

Step 2 – Finding a solution

We’ll prepare a report of our findings and recommend how you can improve your processes, and the consumables you use, to save money, increase efficiencies and reduce waste and damages.

Our innovation team can find, trial and test bespoke solutions for you. We have a large network of suppliers which allows us to bring you the very latest packaging developments and technologies.

Step 3 - Prioritising your goals

Next, we work with key stakeholders in your organisation to prioritise your packaging goals.

This includes outlining the elements you want to keep, new initiatives to start and any outdated processes you wish to eliminate.

Step 4 – Implementation

We help you implement your packaging solutions and achieve your goals.

Hazel 4D technicians can work with your engineers to install any new machinery and train your operatives in how to use the machines.

Step 5 – Ongoing support

Our support doesn’t stop once your new packaging solutions are in place.

We monitor your progress to check your savings and improvements are being maintained and report back at each milestone.

We'll assign a dedicated Hazel 4D portfolio manager and support team to look after your account, visit you to check how you’re getting on and help whenever you have any questions or issues.  

lower cost per pallet wrapped

Our Intelligent Load Stability System can help you understand the true cost of wrapping a pallet safely and securely - and reduce your cost per pallet wrapped by up to 65%


We'll partner with you to understand your pallet wrapping challenges and will tailor a solution to fit, perfectly.

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Extremus Film

Our Extremus range of film uses nano-technology to make smart use of stretch, minimising material use and maximising load stability like nothing else.

Find out more

Atlanta machines

Built to optimise materials performance, minimise waste and streamline your pallet-wrapping efficiency,
a range of Atlanta machine models and ways to buy or lease mean there’s something for all wrapping needs.

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