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Atlanta pallet wrapping machines

Built to optimise materials performance, minimise waste and streamline your pallet-wrapping efficiency, a range of Atlanta machine models and ways to buy or lease mean there’s something for all wrapping needs.

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Our Extremus range of film uses nano-technology to make smart use of stretch, minimising material use and maximising load stability like nothing else.

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This puncture-resistant pre-stretched hand film is thin, strong and has reinforced edges which prevents film breakages and enhances load stability.

The longer length rolls reduce downtime and waste.

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HSM ProfiPack Cardboard Shredders

Protect products from damage by turning your waste cardboard into padding material.

With a ProfiPack shredder, you’ll never need to pay for void fill again.

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Comarme Carton Sealers & Carton Erectors

Perfect for busy production lines, these case sealers and case erectors quickly form cartons and seal them with tape.

Semi-automatic and automatic machines available.

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Gummed Paper Tape

Gummed paper tape is an eco-friendly packaging tape made from recycled paper.

It’s a sustainable alternative to plastic tape and is neat and tamper evident.

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Kronos H-46 Battery Powered
Strapping Tool

World-class friction weld strapping tool that can seal straps in less than 4 seconds with one press of a button.

Compatible with polypropylene or PET straps.

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Automatic and Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

Reliable and quick, these new generation automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines will speed up your strapping operations.

With fewer working parts, they’re designed to reduce downtime and maintenance and increase efficiency.

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the Boxer® recycled paper void fill

Fight plastic pollution with The Boxer®.

Available boxed or unboxed, this strong and simple product protection is made of 100% recycled paper.

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All paper documents enclosed wallets

Reduce your company’s plastic waste by switching to our new self-adhesive all paper documents enclosed wallets.

They’re 100% recyclable, transparent and come in 2 sizes: A5 and A6.

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FOAM CORNER protectors

Our lightweight foam corner protectors are ideal for protecting furniture and mirrors from damage in transit.

They absorb impact and provide a thick protective layer between the product and its outer cardboard packaging.

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Self-adhesive cardboard shipping
boxes & wraps

These fast seal boxes come with a self-adhesive strip, saving time and effort when packing.

As there’s no need to use tape, you’re also saving money and reducing waste.

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Pilot mailing bags

Protect your products in the post with strong, lightweight and opaque Pilot Polythene Mailing Bags. They’re cheap and made from 100% recycled polythene.

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Safety knives and film cutters

Reduce warehouse injuries and downtime with our new safety knives.

From cartridge knives to ceramic knives to film cutters, we have the safety knife for you.

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Surf all paper mailers

As the tide turns on plastic, wave goodbye to bubble-lined mailers and say hello to Surf all paper mailing envelopes.

Exclusive to Hazel 4D, padded paper Surf envelopes are 100% recyclable.

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special offer - Grip Masters

Free pallet wrap dispenser set when you buy 5 boxes of 50mm core hand pallet wrap.

Grip Master dispensers make manually stretch wrapping pallets easier and protect your hands from burns.




Want to know more about the different types of strapping and what they should be used for?

Discover the ideal strap, seal and tool combination for your warehouse with the different kits we've prepared for you.

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Inova Tape

Warehouse running slow? Improve efficiency by using Inova Tape.

Inova’s strong adhesive means you only need one strip of tape to get the same hold as three or four strips of standard tape.

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Void Fill Systems

Don’t pay extra tax for unsustainable void fill use.

These smart paper, air and cardboard options reduce waste and cut your carbon footprint, helping the planet while saving you money. 

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Locked Air void fill

Protect fragile items in transit with these lightweight air pillows and cushions.

Choose a degradable pillow film or an ultra-thin film made of 35% less plastic than standard air pillows.

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Nuevopak void fill

Nuevopak™ is a highly efficient recycled paper void fill system.

Quickly produce eco-friendly paper padding or box fill to protect your products from damage in transit.

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Revolutionary, premium quality E-Tape has 127% more tape on the same sized roll as standard packaging tape.

The small core and long 150m roll length saves time and money, cutting waste by up to 56%.

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