it's easier to be eco-friendly with our new automatic gummed paper tape carton sealers

We have recently added semi-automatic and automatic Comarme gummed paper tape carton sealers to our eco-friendly machinery range.

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A sustainable alternative to traditional carton sealers that seal boxes with plastic tape, the machines allow businesses to efficiently seal large volumes of cartons with environmentally friendly gummed paper tape.

Used by the UK’s largest e-commerce retailers, gummed paper tape is a water-activated tape made from recycled paper. Effective even on dusty surfaces, it helps to prevent theft by providing a strong, tamper-evident seal on cardboard boxes and cartons. Unlike plastic tape, gummed paper tape enhances the value of waste cardboard as it can be recycled without needing to remove the tape from the box.

Easy to integrate into existing production lines, Comarme gummed paper tape case sealers are much quicker and neater than using manual gummed paper tape machines to seal boxes.

If you’ve ever applied gummed paper tape manually, you’ll know how sticky the tape gets when wet. As the carton sealers moisten and apply the tape automatically, warehouse operatives don’t need to touch the tape or make a mess!

The case sealers seal boxes consistently using only the exact length of gummed paper tape required. This reduces waste and ensures the excellent presentation of customer parcels, ideal for maintaining your company’s branding and reputation.

At Hazel 4D we have gummed paper tape case sealers for all kinds of requirements, volumes and outputs.

The semi-automatic machines seal either the top, bottom or both ends of cartons and come with adjustable height and width settings. Then there’s the automatic machines that automatically close the top flaps of cartons before sealing them with tape. They even have stainless-steel machines for easy cleaning in food environments.

If you’re not sure which carton sealer is right for your production line, our technical consultants will come out to your distribution centre to help.

Experts in improving their clients’ business performance, processes and profitability, our  unique approach means they don’t just sell packaging machinery, they partner with their customers to ensure the machines will improve their bottom-line.

The Comarme gummed paper tape carton sealers are the latest addition to our sustainable packaging range. Their NuevopakTM recycled paper void fill systems and all paper Surf mailers have already gone down a treat with businesses looking to reduce their plastic use.

Neil Christie, Commercial Director at Hazel 4D, said “As the impact of climate change becomes increasingly apparent, many clients have found their customers are demanding they use less plastic. Our Comarme gummed paper tape case sealers give large businesses a quick and easy way to reduce their plastic use by applying a recycled paper tape to their cartons.

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