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Hazel 4D help major client in delivering critical PPE for the NHS

Leeds based packaging company Hazel 4D are assisting a major client in delivering PPE to the NHS. On top of this, the company is also supporting customers from the food and healthcare sector to deliver vital products.

Hazel 4D provides innovative products that help customers save time, money and the environment. Not only providing packaging to clients, the company also offers a unique service to help improve customers business performance and profitability. Alongside making recommendations on how to improve processes and the consumables used in order to bring genuine long-term solutions to businesses.

Fashion giant Burberry, and customer of Hazel 4D, are producing PPE for the NHS at their facility in Castleford, Leeds. The factory is set to be retooled to enable the company to produce vital items, as well as utilising its distribution network to deliver around 100,000 surgical gowns to the NHS.

Assisting Burberry to achieve this, Hazel 4D will be providing them with the packaging on the project. They are currently supplying the famous designer with one pallet of cardboard boxes a week, around 180 cartons per pallet, all free of charge. Alongside this Hazel 4D will also be providing E-Tape free of charge. Garth Christie, Chairman of Hazel 4D said:

“It’s a privilege to be able to support our country and the NHS at their time of need. We really appreciate all that Burberry is doing to help selflessly in this crisis.”

As a key supplier to the UK Healthcare sector, Communications and Food industries, the company has decided to continue to operate as usual, with precautions in place, during this COVID-19 crisis. In a recent statement from Hazel, they said:

“Hazel 4D has critical importance in Britain’s key supply chains including the NHS. To make sure you receive your orders quickly and safely, we’ve partnered with one of the UK’s largest warehousing and logistics companies, Eddie Stobart”

“Our warehouse team is working round the clock 24/7 to ensure the supply chain keeps moving, all the while staying safe and practising careful social distancing.”

In a final bid to support customers further, Hazel 4D will also be carrying out product training and installations with customers through video conferences. All staff are working remotely and remain in constant communication.

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