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How can businesses reduce plastic

Plastic is engrained into our packaging practices, and is one of the most commonly used packaging materials globally (i). Used in nearly every aspect of packaging, plastics help to create everything from pallet wrap, to mailing bags, to strapping and many more.

However, the versatility of plastic means that globally we are using it in copious amounts, resulting in large amounts of waste. Moving forward, it’s essential that industries take steps to reduce consumption.


Why is it important we reduce consumption?

Despite their usefulness in the packaging industry, in recent years plastic has gained a bad reputation for its environmental impact. The issue stems from the waste management of plastic, as we see plastic polluting our oceans, rivers and natural areas globally, having subsequent detrimental impacts to wildlife and human health. In fact, since its emergence in the 1950s, a shocking 79% of all plastic has ended up in landfills or the environment (ii).

Therefore, it is extremely important that we reduce our consumption of plastic to help combat this environmental crisis.


How can businesses reduce plastic consumption?

Strategies that can be used to reduce plastic consumption:

  • Reducing excess wastage
  • Opting for alternative products

Businesses can reduce plastic consumption by adopting smarter packaging technologies which optimise the amount of plastic needed to safely and effectively transport goods.

By opting for reliable and robust packaging products, there is a reduced need for businesses to use multiple layers of the same packaging. A prime example of this is Hazel 4D’s pallet wrap optimisation.

Furthermore, businesses can reduce plastic consumption by opting for alternative, biodegradable options such as cardboard. If plastic is preferable for a business’ operations, switching to plastic which has recycled content is also environmentally beneficial, as there is a lowered consumption of virgin plastic.


How can this help my business?

Reducing plastic consumption in your business can further reduce both environmental impact, and costs. By reducing the amount of packaging used within your business, there will be a direct decrease in costs.

Moreover, impending legislation in 2022 – The Plastic Tax – ensures that by opting for alternative paper products, or products with a minimum of 30% recycled content, you will avoid further costs.


How can Hazel 4D help?

Probably the most significant of these areas is pallet wrapping. We can work with you to reduce your plastic waste by dramatically reducing the amount of film being used, whilst simultaneously improving load stability and reducing costs.

Furthermore, we stock a wide range of paper-based alternative products, check them out at:


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