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Time To Switch To Paper Tape?

Rising in popularity, paper tape is a more sustainable alternative to traditional polypropylene and PVC tapes and can save you money, too. With some of the largest global organisations such as Amazon leading the way, you may also be considering the switch to a more eco-friendly solution. 

When it comes to sealing boxes & cartons, there are packaging tapes in a variety of sizes, colours and materials. Getting the balance between performance and price is critical to ensure you’ve got the right tape for your application.


Why Choose Paper Tape?

Switching to paper brings lots of packaging pluses, and with a wide range of paper tape options, we can help you make the transition from plastic to paper in a simple and cost-efficient way. With automation machinery, desktop dispensers and handheld equipment designed to work seamlessly with our tape range, its quick and easy to start sealing with paper!

Easy Recycling 

With paper tape, recycling couldn’t be easier! It’s 100% recyclable and uses the same recycling process as the box or carton, so consumers no longer need to separate the tape before recycling it. The recycling rate of plastic tape is very low, and if left on cardboard it can contaminate the recycling process, so this is a big step in the right direction.

Tamper Evident 

Paper tape sticks to all kinds of carton surfaces, keeping your parcels secure with a highly adhesive seal and is much more tamper-proof than its plastic counterpart. The bond between the package and paper tape is extremely strong, meaning that any attempt to gain access or tamper with the package will be immediately obvious.


Paper tape is really versatile and suitable for many packaging applications, the option of reinforcement is also available, providing additional strength for the most demanding applications. While plastic can struggle with varying temperatures and may start to peel when it gets too hot, paper has a higher tolerance to temperature, making it a great option for manufacturing and industrial environments, or for customers exporting goods.

Which Paper Tape Should I Use? 

Our role as Packaging Experts means we’re here to get know you and your packaging, to ensure that you have the right solution for every application. 

With multiple options available, it’s not always easy to know which is the right product for your usage. We’ve created an easy guide to help you find the right paper tape for your packaging and processes. 

*Self-adhesive paper tape works with industry standard hand dispensers, for low volume usage, or high volume machinery. Gummed paper tape works with a range of dispensers, including our electric desktop dispenser and is therefore better suited for medium volume usage.

Our Range 

Within our range, the two main paper tape options are Self-Adhesive Paper Tape (SAPT) and (Water Activated) Gummed Paper Tape (GPT). SAPT uses a natural rubber or solvent adhesive which although isn’t paper based, has no impact on its recyclability. GPT goes one step further by using a vegetable starch adhesive which maintains the paper’s biodegradability. 

Self-Adhesive Paper Tape (SAPT) 

Made from semi-crepe paper, our self-adhesive paper tape (SAPT) has a long-lasting natural adhesive, so there’s no need for water for activation. It securely sticks to all carton surfaces and can be applied with a standard handheld tape dispenser for fast, accurate placement, so the switch couldn’t be easier. For high volume shipping, our SAPT can be combined with our range of Comarme automated carton sealing machines. These machines optimise the use of tape, speed up processing and reducing manual labour. Many existing machines can be easily updated to change from plastic to paper tape.

Self-Adhesive E-Tape 

E-Tape is a great option if you’re looking for self-adhesive paper tape. The benefit of our market leading E-Tape is that it has a much smaller core, meaning more tape per roll. Made from semi-crepe paper and with a solvent based natural rubber adhesive, it provides a high initial tack on cardboard and can be applied by hand or with a dispenser, it can also be torn by hand. 

Gummed Paper Tape (GPT) 

Biodegradable and made from recyclable kraft paper, GPT is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tape, even the adhesive is made from vegetable starch! Continuously growing in popularity, gummed paper tape, also known as Water Activated Tape, becomes sticky when moisture is added, creating a strong bond with the carton. When the paper and cardboard join, together, a very tight seal is created. 

Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape (Reinforced GPT) 

If you’re needing extra strength, reinforced gummed paper tape is the best option for you. Added reinforcement within the kraft paper tape makes it the strongest paper tape available. While you may pay slightly more for this option, you can rest assured that your heavy parcels have the best chance of arriving safely to their destination, without damage or being tampered with. 

We have two reinforced tape options. The filament reinforcement in our fortress tape provides good strength and improves recyclability and biodegradability, however, it is not quite as strong as the fibre reinforcement in our other reinforced grades, which gives the strongest seal on heaviest parcels. 

How we help you find the right solution 

We’re on hand to support you in your switch. Considering your volumes and application, our consultancy service is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to making the change to paper tape. Get in touch with us here.


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