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Cheers to 40 years!

Read what we’ve been up to over the last 4 decades in the packaging industry.

From name changes to exciting product launches to a fire that changed the course of the company’s history.

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Current Hazel 4D chairman, Garth Christie, founds Hazel Mill, initially storing products in his attic and the cellar of a shop in Headingley, Leeds.

The cellar was that damp it came complete with frogs!

Meadow Lane, Leeds


Good riddance to the damp cellar!

Garth buys the first rental premises for Hazel Mill at Meadow Lane, Leeds.

Education Road, Leeds


Hazel Mill moves to a warehouse on Education Road, Leeds.

We open our first trade counter.


Hazel Mill is sold and the company becomes

Hazel Products



Garth goes full-time at

Hazel Products

Canal Road, Armley, Leeds


The business moves its warehouse to

Canal Road in Armley, Leeds.

Bonus Tape


Hazel Products launches Bonus Tape, a unique packaging tape with double the amount of tape on a roll than standard tapes.



Garth’s son, Neil (Hazel 4D’s current Commercial Director), joins the business, initially working in the warehouse.

Armley Road, Leeds


Hazel Products moves to large premises on Armley Road, Leeds, where our offices, warehouse and trade counter are finally located under one roof!

2workers in hard hats


We launch our Total Packaging Management Service, becoming the first packaging company in the UK to offer this kind of stock management service.

Find out more about TPM

Screenshot of Hazel


Hazel Products gets its first website.

pile of branded tape

We begin printing branded tape for clients in-house in our warehouse.

Hazel tag


We introduce our first printed packaging catalogue!

piles of E Tape


We launch E-Tape, a premium quality packaging tape designed to reduce waste and save time with a small core and 150m of tape on a roll.


Sharon and Paul wedding photo


Sharon Burrell, Hazel 4D Portfolio Manager marries Paul Briggs, former warehouse operative, after meeting in 1999 when they both worked at Hazel Products.

Sign for Rock Salt


Hazel Products has a brief foray into selling rock salt, proving a popular product in the great rock salt shortage that winter!

Fire at warehouse


A huge fire starts in an adjacent property and destroys our entire 50,000 sq. ft warehouse. The fire is featured on local TV and in the press.

Despite all of our stock being ruined, we work hard to make sure the effects aren’t passed on to our customers. Within 24 hours, we dispatch fresh stock and don’t let a single customer down. Some aren’t even aware we’ve had a fire!

Workers in front of Hazel 4D logo


We move our offices temporarily to Focus Way in Yeadon and partner with Eddie Stobart to make our operation completely flexible and allow us to hold stock for just-in-time delivery.

Hazel 4D logo

late 2014

Out of the ashes, we re-brand as Hazel 4D to highlight that we’re not just your average packaging supplier, we’re your packaging partner. Through our consultancy services and customer support, we deliver an extra dimension for our customers.

Mill House, Leeds


We move to our current state-of-the-art offices at Mill House, Horsforth, Leeds.

Find out more about Hazel 4D

Gloves 4 U logo


Hazel 4D’s sister company Gloves4U is founded.



Portfolio Manager, Sharon Briggs, celebrates 25 years of working at Hazel 4D.

machine wrapping pallet of boxes


We launch Extremus Stretch Film, a high-performance pre-stretched load holding film made using nanotechnology.

We begin to use our high-tech mobile load stability testing system to help our customers improve their pallet stability.

The device measures the forces placed on pallets by stretch wrap, allowing us to fix inefficiencies and make pallet loads safer.

Pallet wrap

Surf postal envelopes, one white, one brown


To help businesses reduce their plastic use, we introduce Surf padded paper mailers. With a strong protective lining made of corrugated paper, Surf mailers are an eco-friendly alternative to bubble-lined envelopes.

Mailing & dispatch

Staff celebrate 40 years in business


We celebrate 40 years in the packaging industry!

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