We’re on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of our operations…

With the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) declaring it is ‘unequivocal’ that human activity is causing ‘irreversible’, detrimental effects to our atmosphere, oceans and land, it is critical that, now more than ever, we are reducing the environmental impacts of our actions.

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Environmental issues facing us today are significant, threatening to compromise both our ecosystems and the health of our societies. Such issues are wide-ranging, and include great threats such as: climate change, plastic pollution, air and water pollution, deforestation as well as resource depletion. Many of these problems are interlinked, and it is important that we look holistically at our actions and their impacts to effectively tackle each of them. Collectively taking action to improve our environmental performance will ensure a brighter future for everyone, including generations to come.

At Hazel 4D, we recognise the scale of the environmental problems we are faced with globally, and we’re taking a stand to change this. We are consistently assessing our environmental impact, searching for more sustainable solutions and helping our customers to do the same. In fact, ‘Environmental Impact’ is one of our core values, putting it at the forefront of the decisions we make.

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We've been awarded ISO 14001 for Environmental Management

ISO standards are internationally agreed standards developed by groups of experts from across the globe. The experts collaborate to create standards which are otherwise described as the ‘best way of doing something’, and they negotiate every aspect of the standard, including definitions, content and scope.

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We listen to your needs and respond with smart, tailored solutions.

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We use a global network of partners to bring you the latest packaging innovations.

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Introducing sustainable alternatives that don’t break the bank.

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We’re committed to making your life easier through delivering impeccable service every time.

We aren’t only reducing our environmental footprint, but want to help you reduce yours too.

Considering our environmental impacts is crucial to realising not only our company sustainability goals but the overarching global United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We want to make sure our sustainability goals are clear and accurate, which is why we’ve developed a sustainability roadmap to help us quantify our targets.

The introduction of environmental regulations and taxes means that in business it has never been as crucial to improve sustainability, to ensure you’re abiding by the law, and minimising costs.

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