Various packaging solutions

We get it – you need e-commerce packaging solutions that make packing more efficient,
and ensure that your customers receive
their parcels in perfect condition every time.

So our range of eco-friendly, innovative packaging machines and materials won’t let you down.

Our LockedAir™, Nuevopak™ and Boxer® systems combine equipment and materials to deliver environmentally-sustainable void fill and product protection. Our Surf all-paper mailers are an eco-friendly alternative to bubble mailers, and our Pilot mailing bags are made from recycled polythene.

Our self-adhesive cardboard shipping boxes and wraps deliver secure packaging in seconds. And if you need branded solutions we can produce perfectly printed boxes, mailers and tape to your specification

3V shipping boxes


These recyclable fast-seal cardboard shipping boxes and book wraps make packing significantly faster and easier.

The self-adhesive closure seals the parcels quickly and securely without the need to use tape, which also looks neater and helps you reduce your plastic packaging waste.

User-friendly, easy-to-open tear strips improve consumer experience, and the strong card provides product protection and stays smart in transit.

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Easy seal saves time

icon of broken glass inside no entry sign

Secure design prevents damage

roll of tape with no entry symbol icon

Less waste, no need for tape

Your packaging. Your brand. Your message.

Our design team is fully equipped to deal with your requests and print perfectly to the highest standard.

slider image - Printed tape

Printed tape

We offer competitive pricing on custom printed tape, allowing you to print your brand, imagery or instructions.

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slider image - Printed Boxes & Cardboard

Printed Boxes & Cardboard

We offer competitive pricing on custom printed cardboard and e-commerce boxes, allowing you to print your brand.

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slider image - Printed Bags & Mailers

Printed Bags & Mailers

We offer competitive pricing on custom printed bags and mailers, allowing you to print your brand, imagery or instructions.

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Case Study

Learn how we helped a customer to dramatically cut their use of plastic right across their packaging processes, whilst also improving safety.

Dramatically reducing the environmental impact of packaging

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Finding the best packaging solution for your business

With our five-step consultation process, we discover your business needs, work with you to find the perfect packaging solution, implement it, and monitor its success.

wine bottle being inserted into cardboard box

Wine bottle shipping solutions

We’ve poured over 40 years of experience in unbeatable transit packaging solutions into developing a range of wine packaging that you can trust to protect wine during every step of its journey. All our products are strong, sustainable and do a first rate job of minimising packaging time, costs and waste.

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Case Study

Learn how our Total Packaging Management Service has helped support the rapid growth of a major supplier of e-commerce fulfilment solutions.

E-commerce Distribution Specialist

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vivino cardboard box for wine bottles

our wine bottle solutions range

slider image - Single bottle air pouch

Single bottle air pouch

Our inflatable, drop-test approved bottle pouches inflate in seconds to provide super-light protection, which dramatically reduces damage in transit.
They can be easily recycled in household bins.

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slider image - branded 6 bottle shipping carton

branded 6 bottle shipping carton

These strong and sturdy corrugated cartons include built-in dividers to keep your bottles safe throughout their journey.
They’re a very sustainable option too, as they are made from 100% recycled material, and completely plastic free.

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slider image - Single Wine Bottle E-commerce Carton

Single Wine Bottle E-commerce Carton

Our double-layer wine bottle cardboard carton packs allow you to pack single bottles of wine extremely efficiently, and can be printed for an even more professional look.
Totally plastic free, made from 84% recycled material and biodegradable – making them a great choice for the planet.

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LockedWave honey product

Paper Honey Comb Void Fill System

Our honeycomb wrap provides an eco-friendly way of wrapping and bracing product – using honeycomb kraft that is recycled, recyclable, reusable and compostable.

The space saving paper dispenser is super quick and easy to load and use, with a constant unfold force, and easy-to-tear material which self-stacks without tape. With an optional interleaf to protect product surface, it combines excellent product protection and neat appearance to deliver first rate brand presentation.

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Manual paper dispenser saves space and increases packing bench flexibility

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Honeycomb kraft paper is recycled, recyclable, reusable, compostable

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Excellent product protection and presentation

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Discover how our wide range of innovative products and machinery can help you save time, money and the planet.


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H4D voidfill systems Locked Air machine


Locked Air™ cushions and pillows are perfect for e-commerce, filling gaps and providing a cushioned layer to protect products in transit.

Film options include 50% recycled films, degradable pillow film, or an ultra-thin film made of 35% less plastic than standard air pillows.

With high speed, small footprint machines, using ambient air pressure, reducing energy consumption and noise, there’s a quick and easy solution to suit everyone and improve production and efficiency.

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roll of paper icon

Up to 4500 pillows on a roll

Easy storage when deflated

Icon of feather

Super lightweight

Minimises transport costs

balloon being popped icon

Puncture resistant film

Retains air for longer

LockedAir™ Range

slider image - LockedAir™ Machines

LockedAir™ Machines

LockedAir™ machines enable you to create versatile, eco-friendly, cost efficient packaging as you need it.

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slider image - New LockedAir™ Recycled Films

New LockedAir™ Recycled Films

New recycled film range with 50% recycled content, meaning it's plastic tax exempt. Sustainable way to protect fragile items in transit.

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slider image - LOCKEDAIR™ FILMS


Easily separated, with best-in-class air seal for lasting protection.

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Discover how our wide range of innovative products and machinery can help you save time, money and the planet.


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H4D Nuevopak product


Made of 100% biodegradable paper, this environmentally friendly cushioning is an ideal alternative to bubble-wrap.

Highly efficient machines combine with unique X-fold paper to create packaging that’s perfect for filling carton voids and protecting products in transit.

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Reliable and fast

Low maintenance, jam-free machines

pillow packaging icon

Excellent Cushioning

Protects product in transit

eco icon

Biodegradable, recycled paper

An eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap

Nuevopak™ Range

slider image - NUEVOPAK™ MACHINES


Nuevopak™ standing or tabletop machines produce recycled paper box filler.

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slider image - NUEVOPAK™ PAPER


The new design of the X-Fold™ paper stock reduces the amount of material required, without cutting protection.

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Case Study

Learn how we helped a large British retailer move to environmentally friendly, plastic-free packaging - whilst still delivering outstanding product protection and an unparalleled unboxing experience for their customers.


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Hazel 4D TV

Watch our free ‘how to’ guides and latest packaging demonstrations.


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Boxer products

The Boxer®

Want an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap?

Look no further than The Boxer®. This protective paper packaging is 100% recyclable and made of recycled paper.

It’s a simple, no-fuss void-fill solution ideal for cushioning products and preventing damages in transit. The clever, compact design means it sits neatly on your packing benches, the paper is easy to dispense and the handles make the box easy to move to different packing stations.

Or for a more economical option with less waste, why not check out our Boxer Unboxed product, all the features of the Boxer but without the box, it fits in a unique dispenser that makes void filling a dream.

The centre feed design makes it easy to pull the paper from the box. Just tear a strip off, scrunch the paper and wrap around your products. Simple!

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Finding the best packaging solution for your business

With our five-step consultation process, we discover your business needs, work with you to find the perfect packaging solution, implement it, and monitor its success.

Surf postal envelope with photo frame inside


Surf padded mailers are made of paper inside and out.

They are proven to offer just as much protection as bubble lined envelopes, but because they are all paper they’re far more eco-friendly.

All mailers are made from responsibly sourced paper, and our brown Kraft Surf mailers are made from recycled paper.

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Pilot mailing bags of various sizes


Protect your products in the post with strong, lightweight and opaque Pilot polythene mailing bags. They’re easy to pack, inexpensive, strong and made from minimum 50% recycled content.

Pilot mailing bags are perfect for protecting soft goods, such as clothing, from damage in the post. Lightweight to keep shipping costs low and completely opaque, they’re ideal for protecting your customers’ privacy or disguising presents.

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Paper Mailing Bags

Our environmentally friendly kraft paper mailers are made of 100% recyclable paper and they’re free of solvents.

With their block bottomed base and expanding side gussets they offer a lightweight and robust alternative to boxes, and are an ideal mailing solution for clothing.


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