Mailing & dispatch

Our mailing products are all you need to power up your dispatch operations.

We’ve got lightweight 100% recycled polythene, eco-friendly paper alternatives including all paper document wallets and protective mailers, and a range of brilliant safety knives.

Everything you need to keep your staff and your goods for transit as safe and protected as possible!

H4D packing bench

E-com Packing Benches

Our latest packing solution for warehouses, e-commerce fulfilment and third-party logistics.

Where organised workstations are critical, our market-leading packing benches are the ideal equipment to deliver efficient order processing and maximum productivity.

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icon computer with box

Ideal for e-commerce fulfilment

icon weight lifter

Strong, practical and robust metal structure

tick icon

Suitable for all packing, wrapping and postal operations

Stylish, high-quality finish, with custom branding options

Surf mailing envelopes of various sizes

Surf all paper mailers

Surf padded mailers are made of paper inside and out.

They are proven to offer just as much protection as bubble lined envelopes, but because they are all paper they’re far more eco-friendly.

All mailers are made from responsibly sourced paper, and our brown Kraft Surf mailers are made from recycled paper.

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icon recycling

100% recyclable

shield with tick icon

Effective protection

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10 different sizes

Our paper mailing range

Switch to paper alternatives. Paper is made from wood, a renewable and recyclable material.

slider image - Surf all paper mailers

Surf all paper mailers

Our padded Surf envelopes are 100% recyclable and made of paper inside and out.
Perfect for e-commerce, they’re strong and protect your products just as well as bubble mailers.

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slider image - Paper Mailing bags

Paper Mailing bags

Our environmentally friendly kraft paper mailers are made of 100% recyclable paper and they’re free of solvents. With their block bottomed base and expanding side gussets they offer a lightweight and robust alternative to boxes, and are an ideal mailing solution for clothing.

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slider image - Jiffy Green Padded Bags

Jiffy Green Padded Bags

These environmentally friendly envelopes are lightweight but tough. The outside of the envelope is made of puncture-resistant Kraft paper and the inside lining is made of 100% recycled paper fibre, making the whole recycled content 65%. They’re fully recyclable and biodegradable.

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slider image - aroFOL® Protect Bubble-Lined Envelopes

aroFOL® Protect Bubble-Lined Envelopes

Lightweight, low cost, self-seal postal envelopes. These envelopes allow you to quickly and easily protect smaller items against damage in transit. They’re ideal for everyday product protection.

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slider image - Manilla Board Back Envelopes

Manilla Board Back Envelopes

Heavy duty board back envelopes, made using 1000 micron backing board and a heavyweight face paper to ensure protection when posting bendable items. They have a self-adhesive strip for safe, secure sealing.

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Pilot mailing bags of various sizes


Protect your products in the post with strong, lightweight and opaque Pilot polythene mailing bags.

They’re easy to pack, inexpensive, strong and made from 100% recycled polythene.

Pilot mailing bags are perfect for protecting soft goods, such as clothing, from damage in the post. Lightweight to keep shipping costs low and completely opaque, they’re ideal for protecting your customers’ privacy or disguising presents.

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icon recycling

Made from 100% recycled polythene

shield with circular arrow icon

Quick and easy to seal

Icon of feather

Extremely lightweight

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Finding the best packaging solution for your business

With our five-step consultation process, we discover your business needs, work with you to find the perfect packaging solution, implement it, and monitor its success.

wine bottle in airpack sleeve

bubble Mailing Bags

We’ve poured over 40 years of experience in unbeatable transit packaging solutions into developing a range of e-commerce packaging that you can trust to protect your most fragile items during every step of their journey. All our products are strong, sustainable and do a first rate job of minimising packaging time, costs and waste. Our inflatable, drop test approved pouches inflate in seconds to provide super-light protection for wine bottles and many other fragile items, dramatically reducing damages in transit. They can easily be recycled in household bins.

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Other mailing Products

slider image - Kraft Paper Sacks

Kraft Paper Sacks

Made from two 100% recycled sheets of tough Kraft paper, these strong tear-resistant mailing sacks are great for transporting items.

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slider image - Elastic Bands

Elastic Bands

High-quality rubber bands available in a large range of sizes.
Pack size: 454 g.

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slider image - Cable Ties

Cable Ties

Our hard-wearing cable ties can be used in hundreds of applications. They’re ideal for bundling hangers together for ease of handling in transit or for locking hangers to display rails as a shoplifting deterrent. They can also be used for closing bags or sacks.

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slider image - Twine


From parcel tying to supporting plants as they grow, there are endless uses for this tough polyproylene twine. Made with a heavy-duty weave, each roll contains 350 metres of twine.

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slider image - Hot-Melt Adhesive Gun

Hot-Melt Adhesive Gun

Quickly apply hot glue to create precise, clean bonds on your packaging. Lightweight and easy to use.
Use with Hot-Melt Adhesive.

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slider image - Carton Top Staples

Carton Top Staples

Carton top staples are designed to provide a neat, strong and tamperproof seal to the top flaps of a full carton.

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Reduce your company’s plastic waste by switching to our new self-adhesive all paper ‘documents enclosed’ wallets.

They’re 100% recyclable, transparent and come in A5 and A6 sizes.

These paper wallets make recycling easy as there’s no need to remove them from the cardboard box before recycling.

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icon weight lifter

Strong Adhesive

eye icon


eco icon

100% paper

Recyclable and biodegradable

Docs enclosed range



Reduce your company’s plastic waste by switching to our new self-adhesive all paper ‘documents enclosed’ wallets.

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slider image - Affix Documents Enclosed Wallets

Affix Documents Enclosed Wallets

Keep shipping documents clean and secure with these self-adhesive documents enclosed wallets.
They’re available in 5 sizes, either plain or printed with ‘Documents. Enclosed’ in black on red.

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slider image - Documents Enclosed Pouch Tape

Documents Enclosed Pouch Tape

A great, cost-effective alternative to documents-enclosed wallets, pouch tape is an efficient way to secure invoices and other paperwork to your parcels. The window means documents remain both visible and protected during transit.

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Explore our full product catalogue

Discover how our wide range of innovative products and machinery can help you save time, money and the planet.


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A4 labels

A4 Sheet Labels

Our range of quality white laser labels are supplied on A4 sheets. They’re ideal for use with inkjet and laser printers as well as photocopiers. Use them to stick addresses to parcels, envelopes or mailing bags or for general office use.

Available in a range of sizes and colours. Ask us for more information.

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Our Label Range

slider image - Plain Direct Thermal Labels

Plain Direct Thermal Labels

These everyday white labels are great for labelling your goods for despatch.
The smaller hand-held rolls fit hand held printers and have the necessary marking to be recognised in all popular printers.

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slider image - Hazard Labels

Hazard Labels

Make sure your deliveries arrive safely and are compliant with postal regulations with these printed hazard parcel labels.
Stick the labels to your parcels to ensure delivery drivers, handlers and your customers take care with the package.

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slider image - Printed Parcel Labels

Printed Parcel Labels

Our parcel labels help to make sure your deliveries arrive in one piece by providing a range of messages and instructions to handlers and delivery drivers. They’re quick and easy to peel and stick to your boxes and cartons.

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With our five-step consultation process, we discover your business needs, work with you to find the perfect packaging solution, implement it, and monitor its success.

Safety knives and film cutters of various types

safety knives

Our safety knives and film cutters are designed to open various types of packaging without damaging contents, or fingers!

With concealed and automatically retracting blades, our safety knives protect users and prevent injuries and downtime in the warehouse.

Our versatile range includes ceramic blade knives, cartridge knives, spring-loaded retracting blade knives, fish knives and film cutters.

Whether you need to open stretch film, boxes, cartons or straps, we have a safety knife for you.

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Prevent injuries

No loose blades

shield with tick icon

Protection for staff

The bumblebee knives seem to have been well received and we have reduced our finger cuts to zero which is fantastic.

Health & safety co-ordinator - Cycling accessories distributor

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