Packaging machinery

Packaging machinery

Our range of efficient Comarme case sealers and carton erectors performs without compromise and

Our range of strapping machines and materials makes the job easy.

H4D Comrade auto case sealer packaging machine

Comarme case sealers & carton erectors

Comarme’s world leading case sealers provide a quality and reliability that is unparalleled. The range is vast, catering for most case sealing eventualities.

Ideal for use in busy packing operations, Comarme carton sealers and carton erectors speed up the process of forming, filling and sealing boxes, saving you time and money and increasing your output.

Significantly quicker than taping boxes manually, the case erectors form the boxes ready for filling and the carton sealing machines seal the top and bottom of boxes with tape. They can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

Whether you want to use standard plastic tape, hotmelt adhesive, staples or paper tapes, Comarme have the solution for you.

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Our comarme range

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Case sealers

Carton sealers are ideal for sealing a large number of boxes quickly with gummed paper tape, and are much quicker than manual or electric gummed paper tape dispensers.
Choose from machines that seal the bottom of cartons or machines that can seal either the top or bottom of cartons.

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Carton erectors

Carton erectors make forming and filling cardboard boxes quick and easy. Designed to be combined with case sealers they can be integrated into existing production lines and are compatible with adhesive plastic machine tape or self- adhesive paper tape. Choose from semi-automatic or automatic machine options.

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Make a complete packing station by adding optional infeed and outfeed roller tables.
All Comarme machines are compatible with our Outfeed Flexible Conveyor.

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Case Study

Learn how we drastically improved efficiency through automation for a leading producer of carton and leaflet packaging.

Improved operational efficiency

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Finding the best packaging solution for your business

With our five-step consultation process, we discover your business needs, work with you to find the perfect packaging solution, implement it, and monitor its success.

TRANSPAK Strapping Machinery

Reliable and quick, these new generation automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines will speed up your strapping operations. With fewer working parts, they’re designed to reduce downtime and maintenance and increase efficiency.

Ideal for quickly applying polypropylene straps to bundles, cartons or packages to secure them.

The Transpak range includes friction weld hand-held tools, semi-auto and fully auto machines.

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Our Transpak strapping machine range



Ideal for intensive bundling and strapping operations where productivity is critical, this fully automatic strapping machine operates at high speeds.

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Robust and low cost, you can rely on this semi-automatic strapping machine to get the job done.
Ideal for warehouses where space is an issue, this compact strapping machine is easy to use and maintain.

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Hand-held friction weld strapping tools

These friction weld strapping tools seal straps using friction, removing the need to buy metal strapping seals and making the straps easier to recycle.

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