Packaging systems

Say hello to two of our most innovative packaging systems:

these complete solutions will keep your products safe in transit, save you money and reduce impact on the environment.

Between Locked Air™ on-demand, eco-friendly air pillows and cushions and

The Nuevopak™ paper-based recyclable void fill system, there’s nothing we can’t protect

Locked Air™ air pillow and cushion void fill systems

Locked Air™ cushions and pillows are perfect for e-commerce, filling gaps and providing a cushioned layer to protect products in transit.

Film options include an eco-friendly degradable pillow film, or an ultra-thin film made of 35% less plastic than standard air pillows. And with high speed, small footprint machines, using ambient air pressure, reducing energy consumption and noise, there’s a quick and easy solution to suit everyone and improve production and efficiency.

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Up to 4500 pillows on a roll

Easy storage when deflated

Super lightweight

Minimises transport costs

Puncture resistant film

Retains air for longer

Our Locked Air Range

slider image - locked air machines

locked air machines

Locked Air™ machines enable you to create versatile, eco-friendly, cost efficient packaging as you need it. Ideal for busy warehouses or e-commerce distribution centres.

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slider image - Cushion film

Cushion film

Easily mouldable, providing excellent protection against crushing and impact.

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slider image - Pillow film

Pillow film

Perfect for filling gaps to stabilise products and provide a strong protective layer.
Also available in recyclable, degradable film.

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slider image - 16 chamber film

16 chamber film

Ideal for protecting fragile items and filling gaps.

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What our customers say

The Locked Air machine is a lot easier to use than our previous air pillow void fill machine. The film moulds around parcels inside cartons a lot better than our previous system too.
The air pillows look after our parcels perfectly and we haven’t had any problems. We’ve transported oils and liquids in the parcels, as well as other products, and we’ve had a 100% delivery rate without any breakages.

Warehouse Manager - Health Product Distributor

Our Locked Air machines are reliable and we’ve had no problems with them. They’re much easier to load and use than other machines we trialled and the build quality of the machines is excellent.
The air pillows protect our equipment perfectly and we’ve had absolutely no complaints from our customers. The pillow film we chose is more environmentally friendly than most others on the market due to its “thinner yet stronger” technology, helping to keep plastic waste to a minimum.
I highly recommend Locked Air™ void fill and the team at Hazel 4D.

Warehouse Manager - Health Product Distributor

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Finding the best packaging solution for your business

With our five-step consultation process, we discover your business needs, work with you to find the perfect packaging solution, implement it, and monitor its success.

Nuevopak™ Recycled paper void fill systems

Made of 100% biodegradable paper, this environmentally friendly cushioning is an ideal alternative to bubble-wrap.

Highly efficient machines combine with unique X-fold paper to create packaging that’s perfect for filling carton voids and protecting products in transit.

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Reliable and fast

Low maintenance, jam-free machines

Excellent Cushioning

Protects product in transit

Biodegradable, recycled paper

An eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap

Our Nuevopak™ Range

slider image - X-Fill™


The X-Fill™ produces recycled paper box filler, ideal for small to medium volume void fill packaging operations and is available as a standing or tabletop machine.

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slider image - X-pad™


The X-Pad™ produces protective paper pads. It is ideal for medium to heavy volume void fill cushion packaging and is available as a standing or tabletop machine.

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slider image - X-Fold™


X-Fold™ paper stock is specifically designed for use in the X-Series™ machines, to increase throughput speed and splice effortlessly between units for a continuous feed. The new design of X-Fold™ paper stock reduces the amount of material required, without affecting output.

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Case studies

Learn how Nuevopak™ X-Fill™ machines helped a cosmetics distributor cut plastic use and prevent damages.

Beauty product distributor

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