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Our Intelligent Load Stability system really performs because it’s tailored to meet the needs of every customer and their operations perfectly. That’s why working in partnership is so vital to our success and the difference we make to our customers.

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We discover

First, we really get to know your operations, challenges and opportunities to improve. One of our experts will thoroughly assess your current system, using state-of-the-art mobile testing, looking into materials and every machine used, efficiency of material use and time taken to prepare each pallet, and stretch and stability achieved.

We’ll also want to know about any challenges you face, or particular areas you’re keen to optimise or improve.


We recommend

Our discovery phase will lead to a report and fully-costed recommendation designed specifically for you. These recommendations will address your specific challenges and identify opportunities to reduce costs, minimise resources used, optimise safety, speed and stability to deliver the ultimate in pallet-wrapping performance.


We optimise

Once you’re happy with recommendations, we’ll install and set up your new system, only handing it over to you when we’ve carried out comprehensive tests to ensure it’s fully optimised and running smoothly.

We’ll train all staff to continue making best use of the system, and comprehensive training and reference materials will be left with you. You’ll have access to our experts with any queries or questions as the new system beds in.


We support

An optimised system requires regular auditing, so this is all part of the Hazel4D service. We’ll ensure that you continue meeting targets, making genuine savings on resources, materials and costs, optimising safety and stability, and we will make sure that the system stays performing at its best.

We’ll always be happy to discuss new opportunities to do even more to improve – we like to think we can find a way!

Then you feel the benefit:

  • lower cost per pallet wrapped when product and machine are optimised
  • significant reduction in load instability and damages means few or no rejects

  • stable loads exceeding safety compliance and drastically reducing accidents in transit
  • less wrap used, reducing waste and minimising environmental impact

About our testing

Our state-of-the art FEF200 mobile testing system measures the pressure exerted on wrapped pallets to help you get to your optimal solution, balancing great stability with efficient use of materials and resources.

Step 1

Electronic modules measure the forces in 40 positions on each wrapped load to help us identify over- or underuse of wrap and any force imbalances that could lead to crushing or instability.

Step 2

We use test results to map out ideal forces for balance and to recommend settings and solutions to fit your needs – especially useful if you’ve been through extensive transit trials as part of a packaging specification, helping you to recalibrate to a perfect fully tested setting.

Step 3

We’ll implement your system, installing or recalibrating machinery, introducing materials, and training your staff to monitor performance – to make sure your operation stays optimised to achieve the benchmark results set in testing.


When we work with you to understand your needs, recommend a tailored solution and optimise machines and material, you get total load stability and a real weight off your mind. Plus, we’ll make sure it stays that way with regular visits to ensure your system is always on top form.

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