We take our environmental responsibilities seriously

At Hazel 4D we’re committed to operating in a responsible, sustainable way, recognising the economic, social and environmental impact of our activities. It’s in everyone’s best interests that we do this, so we apply our knowledge and expertise to ensure a responsible approach and support our suppliers, partners and customers to reach their environmental goals, too.


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We’re committed to:

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Eliminating ‘unsaleable’ products

and additional haulage by cutting product damage and waste

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Sourcing packaging

that puts a lower ecological burden on the planet

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Waste management

Strengthening our internal waste management and recycling processes year on year

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reduce, reuse, recycle

Helping customers reduce, reuse, recycle

Our environmental goals in action

We Reduce By

  • reducing customers’ plastic stretch film use by up to 65% through film optimisation consultations and new generation multi-layer nano films
  • helping customers reduce waste and their Packaging Waste Recovery obligations (PRNs)
  • helping customers consistently apply less tape per box with our automatic case sealers.


  • continually sourcing products made with recycled content, such as The Boxer® and Pilot mailing bags
  • helping customers reuse waste cardboard through closed loop recycling systems and cardboard shredding machines
  • implementing a buy back scheme to refurbish and reuse strapping tools.


  • stocking great recyclable products – 93% of our packaging consumables are fully recyclable, and we’re aiming to make that 100% by 2023
  • introducing all-paper products to replace plastic, like all paper protective mailers as an easily recyclable alternative to bubble lined mailers
  • introducing all-paper ‘documents enclosed’ wallets that can be easily recycled without removal from cardboard boxes.

Why sustainability matters

The environmental impact of single-use plastics and waste pollution is becoming increasingly apparent, making sustainability a hot topic around the world.

Not only are businesses facing increased pressure from customers to be more environmentally friendly and reduce waste, but the introduction of new environmental regulations and taxes means that companies also need to become more sustainable to stay on the right side of the law.

And with so many quality recyclable and recycled products out there, there’s no need for our actions to cause harm. So…how can your business become more sustainable?

Plastic Vs Paper

Plastic is often seen as the enemy of sustainability. But reports have suggested that paper isn’t as eco-friendly as it may seem.

Plastic is a terrible waste polluter, but paper requires more energy to produce – navigating choices can be a real challenge!


Plastic4 x less energy is used to produce a plastic bag than a paper bagPaper4 x more energy is used to produce a paper bag than a plastic bag
PlasticPlastic is lighter than paper so less fuel is used to transport itPaperYou would need to use a paper bag at least to make it more environmentally friendly than a plastic bag
PlasticMost types of plastic can be recycledPaperPaper is biodegradable and more widely recyclable than plastic
PlasticPlastic can take years to decompose and micro plastics contribute to the tonnes of waste flowing into our oceans each yearPaperTrees are a renewable resource and can be replanted We actively contribute to tree regeneration by donating to charities like Trees for Cities

Our experienced consultants can help you make the most sustainable choices and, whichever materials you choose, you can also reduce their environmental impact by reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible. A consultation will take a balanced approach to your needs and your ambition to minimise environmental impact – all you have to do is call…

Sustainable packaging consultations

So that we can fully understand your business and your company’s environmental goals, an experienced Hazel 4D consultant will visit you to assess how sustainable your current products and processes are, as well as looking at your costs, what’s working well for you and what can be improved. Then we’ll make recommendations, help you implement them and provide you with ongoing support.

We can help you become more environmentally friendly by:

  • Reducing product damages – decreasing returns and the associated use of extra resources
  • Minimising energy use – by upgrading outdated machinery and making processes more efficient
  • Recommending sustainable products and machinery and helping you introduce them

Read how installing Nuevopak™ X-Fill™ machines helped a cosmetics distributor reduce their plastic consumption, decrease damages in transit and eliminate customer complaints.

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How we’ve helped our customers

Reducing plastic waste and eliminating harmful gases

A bathroom product supplier was wasting a lot of plastic by applying one size of shrink hood to all of their pallets. Hazel 4D consultants installed energy efficient pallet wrappers using Extremus stretch film instead of shrink hoods, giving them great stability and a cut in plastic use. Plus they no longer needed to use propane gas shrink guns to fit hoods. In total they saved £60,000 a year and reduced the amount of plastic they use by around 80% per pallet.

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Reducing plastic waste through preventative maintenance

Dirty pre-stretch rollers were causing a snack manufacturer’s pallet wrappers to run at half their efficiency and waste plastic film through slippage. By regularly servicing their machines, our consultants reduced their plastic waste and helped them save around £28,000 a year on stretch film.

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Reducing plastic waste and CO2 impact

Worn pallet wrappers meant a customer was wasting huge amounts of plastic stretch film. Their shipments were being returned due to damage to point-of-sale packaging. By installing new pallet wrappers, optimising their machine settings and swapping their film for Extremus stretch film, Hazel 4D reduced their CO2 impact by 65%, cut plastic use by 66% and eliminated their product returns.

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Our latest on sustainability

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Plastic pollution is harming marine life and the environment. Here’s how your company can reduce its consumption of single-use plastic packaging.

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