Sustainable Development Goals

What are they?

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals underpin the global efforts towards a more sustainable, equitable future for all. Across all the goals is the recognition that to achieve this, we must work collectively to tackle environmental problems alongside social inequalities, whilst encouraging economic growth.

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How are we achieving the SDGs?

Here at Hazel 4D, we are mindful of the SDGs and utilise them to develop our own sustainability strategy. We have adopted relevant Sustainable Development Goals to our business:

SDG 12

Responsible Consumption and Production Patterns

We want to ensure our products are sourced and used responsibly, minimising their environmental impact on the planet. We have already achieved zero waste to landfill status, and introduced many products which have recycled content, are recyclable as well as paper based. Furthermore, all our cardboard boxes are manufactured with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation. To make responsible consumption as easy as possible for customers, we are developing a product carbon footprint range for our products, so that customers can make educated decisions.

SDG 13

Climate Action – committed to reducing emissions

We recognise the necessity of urgent climate action and are committed to reducing our emissions in line with science-based targets. We are making significant reductions in our Scope 1 and 2 emissions, through the introduction of our electric fleet of vehicles and undertaking our energy efficiency project, which includes solar-generated power at our office in Horsforth. We aim to cut our emissions 50% by 2030, with a view to reducing our Scope 3 emissions too and becoming net-zero by 2050 latest. We will also be investing in certified carbon-offsetting projects to offset the carbon emissions which cannot be reduced.

SDG 14

Life Below Water

We want to protect marine life, and ensure we are not contributing to the global issue of plastic pollution entering our oceans. We actively promote recycling, and many of our products have recycled content in them and are 100% recyclable. To assist customers wanting to transition away from plastic, we also offer paper-based solutions too.

SDG 17

Partnerships for the goals

We recognise that the only way to achieve sustainable development is through working together. Creating positive impacts for our customers and our wider communities, whilst protecting the environment, is our central goal. We donate to a wide range of global charities, and our employees actively fundraise for their charities of choice. Read Our Eco Mission Statement to find out more about our goals.

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