What is the Plastic Tax?

The introduction of new government taxes will have wide-reaching impacts on manufacturers, importers and customers alike. Specifically, the Plastic Packaging Tax coming into effect in April 2022 will introduce the most drastic changes to packaging legislation since the advent of the Packaging Waste Regulations in 1997. The Plastic Tax will apply to plastic packaging that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic, which has been manufactured in, or imported into the UK (i).

Essentially, the aim of the Plastic Tax is to create an incentive for businesses to utilise recycled plastic at the manufacturing stage, creating greater demand for such materials. Thus, increasing recycling rates and reducing environmental harm by redirecting plastic away from landfill or incineration (i).

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What does this mean for my business?

As the new tax is introduced, companies using plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled plastic content will incur greater charges, which are currently understood to be £200 per tonne (ii). As such, each individual company’s costs will vary greatly depending on the nature and quantity of the packaging materials they are using. Determine your company’s Plastic Tax costs below using ComplyDirect’s free calculator: https://forms.complydirect.com/plastic-tax-calculator

However, the Plastic Packaging Tax is not all doom and gloom…The introduction of such taxes opens up opportunities for companies to find more sustainable and cost-effective options, with lower costs for both business and the planet. By being aware of upcoming changes to legislation, you have the time to prepare, and the ability to find more eco-friendly and cost-effective products.

How can Hazel 4D help?

The importance of preparation cannot be stressed enough when it comes to the Plastic Packaging Tax. Fortunately, we at Hazel 4D are here to help and can offer consultative services to help you decide the most suitable pathway for your future packaging needs, with experts to guide you throughout the process.

Furthermore, we offer a multitude of sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging, so you can avoid further charges associated with the Plastic Packaging Tax. Check them out below: https://www.hazel4d.com/products/environmental/

In packaging scenarios for which there are not yet effective plastic alternatives, we can help you reduce your plastic packaging using innovative technologies. Probably the most significant of these areas is pallet wrapping, where there is currently no viable plastic alternative. At Hazel 4D, we can work with you to reduce your plastic waste by dramatically reducing the amount of film being used, whilst simultaneously improving load stability and reducing costs.


(i)      https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/introduction-of-plastic-packaging-tax-from-april-2022/introduction-of-plastic-packaging-tax-2021

(ii)     https://www.letsrecycle.com/news/what-do-we-know-about-the-plastic-packaging-tax/ 

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