Why choose a high performance Atlanta Pallet Wrapping Machine?

Atlanta machines are built to optimise the performance of your materials, minimise cost and waste, and streamline your pallet-wrapping operation  – and are available from Hazel 4D to purchase or lease, meaning there is something for all your pallet wrapping needs.

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We are exclusive UK stockists of Atlanta machines, and if you're looking to improve your pallet wrapping performance here are 4 reasons why you should make the move to Atlanta today: 

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Multiple programmes and lockable programme controls mean you can create your own bespoke programmes, use a range of pre-programmed settings and lock them when in use. This allows you to achieve a consistent wrap across your loads - whatever they are made up of. What’s more, it makes it easier for finance teams to allocate accurate costs to bill of materials.

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The compact height and footprint of Atlanta machines makes them easy to fit into an operation - and easy to maintain and move if needed. Installation is just plug and play - and once our expert consultants have optimised and tested your new system, and trained your staff, you’re ready to go.

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Variable pre-stretch rollers ensure you get the most out of your film. They’re low maintenance and using a high quality stretch wrap, like Extremus nanotechnology film, they can deliver an increased stretch of up to 300%, meaning 1 metre of film on the roll becomes 4 metres on the pallet.

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These provide you with a safe and tidy pallet, with no loose tail ends - resulting in unbeatable load stability, easy storage, reduced returns and lower costs. They also help keep your team safe and well, by reducing operator bending, back strain and fatigue

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Hazel 4D specialises in delivering  best-in-class pallet wrapping machines and our Intelligent Load Stability consultants use their expert knowledge and experience to specify machines that are perfectly matched to the requirements of each customer. We also offer a range of state-of-the art film, including Extremus nano-technology film,  and our consultants are skilled at bringing together both machines and film – optimising them to get the very best out of both. We set up and test your system, train your staff, and monitor ongoing performance – making it easy for you ensure that your pallets are always wrapped safely and securely, whilst minimising cost and plastic waste.

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We’re proud of the difference our Intelligent Load Stability experts can make for our customers when they upgrade their pallet wrapping machinery and machines:

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One large wholesale FMCG business was generating huge amounts of plastic waste, losing time, and disappointing their customers because pallets were poorly wrapped as a result of an inefficient pallet wrapping system. Their automated racking system was regularly grinding to a halt as loose film tail ends blocked sensors. Stability and load safety was compromised, with damaged film producing poorly wrapped pallets and staff having to perform regular roll changes to damaged film. Loads were being rejected because of movement in transit – causing extra cost and hassle. With little support coming from the machine manufacturers this business approached us for help.

When our ILS team worked with them to upgrade their machinery and film, and optimise their pallet wrapping processes, the results were dramatic. They reduced their waste by an incredible 81%, cut time lost through roll changes by 73%, and significantly improved the stability and safety of their loads. What’s more, we continue to monitor the set-up and conduct a quarterly audit to ensure savings balance with operational improvements and check the quality and stability of wrapped pallets – and their Operations and Procurement Manager has gone on record to say that he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hazel 4D.

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Another customer was dispatching high-quality products to major supermarkets across the UK. Their pallet wrapping machine was old and worn, meaning pallets had to be wrapped several times in an attempt to stabilise them – and products were still being damaged in transit.

Following a free consultation, we introduced an Atlanta Synthex machine and Extremus Nano Technology Film, and set things up to achieve optimal performance.

Once again, the results were fantastic, drastically increasing the stability and presentation of our customer’s pallets, significantly reducing product damage in transit, and reducing plastic film use by an incredible 87%.

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Load Stability Consultations

We’ll partner with you to understand your pallet wrapping challenges and will tailor realistic solutions that bring long term value to your business.

Film by Extremus

Our range of Extremus nano-tech films can achieve an incredible 300% stretch, and that means minimising material use and maximising load stability like nothing else.

Machines by Atlanta

Built to optimise film performance, minimise waste and improve efficiency Atlanta’s versatile range of machines really performs, and they’re yours to buy or lease.

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