Why choose Extremus stretch film for your pallet wrapping operation?

Machine pallet wrap has been on the market for decades, but is evolving all the time to perform ever better. So how do you navigate today’s choices to find the film that’s just right for your operation?

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Does it put your people first?

We believe that the number one priority for any business is to keep their staff, partners and customers safe and well. We also know that unstable loads in transit are the cause of  an estimated quarter of all traffic accidents involving transport vehicles. That’s why Extremus Stretch film has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the EUMOS 40509 Load Rigidity Legislation for Cargo Transportation.

It is produced from a unique blend of polymers, using the latest nano-technology, to deliver the outstanding holding force and reduced movement you need to keep your pallets safe and secure throughout their journey. In the words of Garth Christie, our Chairman, a pallet wrapped in Extremus is ‘’as solid as a brick

The strength and stability of pallets wrapped in Extremus film also makes them much easier for operatives to handle – whether loading and unloading them in transit, or moving, storing or stacking them on site. So your team will have plenty of reasons to thank you for choosing Extremus.

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Click here to learn how we made pallets much safer for an international childcare brand, whilst also cutting their plastic film use by 75%

international childcare brand

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Does it minimise cost and waste?

One of the strongest films on the market, Extremus nano Stretch Film has been developed to stretch up to 300%, which means you can use far less wrap whilst significantly improving the stability and safety of each load. This can dramatically reduce the volume – not to mention the cost – of plastic used, lower your plastic waste and PRN’s, and allow you to forget other protective packaging too.

We know as well as anyone, though, that any stretch wrap is only as good as the way in which it is used, as we’ve seen lots of examples of great film performing badly because of poorly maintained machinery.

That’s why our expert consultants combine their decades of knowledge and experience with our advanced mobile testing equipment to help calibrate your machines to perform to the best of their ability. Our team will recommend the Extremus film that’s just right for you, and will ensure that your set up is fully optimised. They’ll test it thoroughly – and make sure that your staff are trained to make best use of the system. What’s more our ongoing monitoring service helps ensure that your film and machines continue to work as they should.

We guarantee that this will all add up to a dramatic reduction in whatever it’s currently costing you to wrap a pallet – and a serious cut in plastic waste.

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Can you rely on it to perform?

With its consistent material blend Extremus 33 layer nano Stretch Film is more resistant than most to punctures and tears.

This allows your team to keep up a high wrap-speed without being concerned about film breaks and line stoppages.

It also means you needn’t worry about products getting damaged in transit – lowering the cost of returns and avoiding frustrated customers.

Despite its strength, Extremus Stretch Film has a substantially thinner gauge than standard stretch film so gives unbeatable clarity –  which speeds up scanning and unloading for customers and gets you back on the road sooner.

Loads are presented neatly and professionally too, which also helps your brand image.

Case study

Click here to learn why the Distribution Manager of a major food manufacturer wished he’d switched to Extremus years ago

Food Manufacturer

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Is it an eco-friendly choice?

Hazel 4D has long been committed to operating sustainably,  and reducing the  environmental impact of our activities. That’s one  of the reasons that we work so hard to reduce our customers’ stretch film use through film optimisation consultations and the use of advanced multi-layer nano films

It’s also why we are very proud to introduce a new range of Extremus 100% recyclable films, which will help you get ahead of the April 2022 Plastic Tax whilst also doing your bit for the environment. Look out for:

  • Extremus Eco Green, which has a minimum of 30% recycled content
  • Extremus Eco Bio, which is made from renewable wood waste

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