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Fulfilment Packaging

Fulfilment Packaging

In this section you’ll discover the latest fulfilment packaging solutions. Find out how to improve packaging speed and efficiency, and reduce packaging costs, waste and returns.

How to get packaging right for profitable E-commerce growth

The explosive growth in e-commerce over the past year has meant that many businesses have had to scale up their...

How do I cut my packaging costs?

Everyone working in product supply or distribution knows that tertiary (or transit) packaging is an essential component of the cost of goods sold - and everyone wants to minimise its cost whilst ensuring that it always keeps goods in pristine condition right the way to their final destination. Of course, this isn’t quite as simple as it sounds, and it’s worth bearing in mind that without conducting a holistic review of the complete packaging process, isolated decisions that seem to be ‘common sense’ can actually cause wider problems and reduce efficiencies both operationally and financially.

Breaking news on wine packaging solutions

Whilst Covid’s repeated restrictions and lockdowns have been a nightmare for pubs and restaurants, wine consumption amongst UK consumers has been strong over the past year. Why? Lots more of us have been drinking more at home – and who can blame us? Expensive luxuries like holidays have been far out of reach, so many of us have switched our spend to affordable treats instead.

10 Reasons You Should Be Using E-tape

From our super-adhesive E-tape range for all card and polythene surfaces, to our strong, tamper-proof and recyclable gummed paper tape, right through to our range of efficient Comarme case sealers and carton erectors: if it performs without compromise, we’ve got it.

How Can E-commerce Retailers Reduce Packaging Waste?

Amazon and other popular drop-shipping services have been gaining in popularity as consumers and businesses begin to realise the benefits and convenience. But what new and emerging methods are there to reduce waste from delivery services?

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