Case Studies

Learn how we’ve used our unique expertise to partner with clients across countless sectors to improve their packaging performance and deliver incredible savings in time, cost and waste.

Comrade CS

Improved operational efficiency

Learn how we drastically improved efficiency through automation for a leading producer of carton and leaflet packaging.

Large cardboard box full of eggs

Net Zero Eggs

Learn how we transitioned to sustainable packaging and worked with the established partner and their egg factory to deliver an effective packaging solution with improved environmental credentials.

plastic film wrapping machine

Evolving Stability

Learn how we saved time, money & materials for a leading supplier of business consumables.

pallet wrapped in plastic wrap with two balls of wrap with writing - 746g on the larger and 475g on the smaller

Bottling Success

Learn how we helped a major soft drink manufacturer save £169,000 a year and reduce plastic waste by 65%.

Atlanta SFERA Robot wrappers & Home bargains

See how the Atlanta Sfera robot pallet wrappers from Hazel 4D made such significant efficiency improvements and cost reductions at Home Bargains

Atlanta comparison with competition

We recently had the opportunity to inspect and service the pallet wrapping machines at a customer’s sites in 2 locations across the UK.

Hazel 4D & Distribution Centre Working Together

Hazel 4D have worked with a distribution centre to drive efficiencies and improve pallet wrapping processes with impressive results.

cardboard background and crumpled paper with sprig of leaves

Reducing the environmental impact of packaging

Learn how we helped a customer to dramatically cut their use of plastic right across their packaging processes, whilst also improving safety.

vivino cardboard box for wine bottles

E-commerce Distribution Specialist

Learn how our Total Packaging Management Service has helped support the rapid growth of a major supplier of e-commerce fulfilment solutions

Iconic British brand

Learn how we helped a large British retailer move to environmentally friendly, plastic-free packaging - whilst still delivering outstanding product protection and an unparalleled unboxing experience for their customers.

Telecoms Provider

Learn how we delivered the extra dimension with significant improvements to cost reduction, removal of plastics, damage reduction, packaging automation and efficiency.

Worker wrapping pallet of pet food

Pet Food Manufacturer

Learn how we achieved an incredible 81% in waste reduction and time lost through roll changes was reduced by 70%.

2 bundles of plastic wrap

International childcare brand

Learn how we helped this international brand reduce pallet wrap by 75% and save costs by switching to a pay per wrap system.

Food Manufacturer

Learn how our Intelligent Load Stability system saved one customer £100,000 a year.

Bedding Manufacturer

Learn how we helped a bedding manufacturer reduce plastic usage by 66%

Bathroom Product Supplier

Learn how we reduced plastic use by 80% for a multinational bathroom supplier.

Odour Neutraliser

Learn how we cut plastic waste by 87%, and reduced costs and damages for a manufacturing customer.

Mirror Manufacturer

Learn how we helped a mirror manufacturer achieve a 367% sales increase and 65% cut in damages.

Beauty Product Distributor

Learn how Nuevopak™ X-Fill™ machines helped a cosmetics distributor cut plastic use and prevent damages.

Beauty Product Distributor TPM

Learn how our Total Packaging Management solution made life easier for this beauty product distributor.

Mobility Aid Provider

Learn how we helped an independent provider of mobility aids get their packaging fit for purpose every time.

HSM ProfiPack

Learn how a HSM Profipack cardboard shredder saved costs and waste for Motornuts.

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Case Studies