Atlanta SFERA Robot Wrappers & Home Bargains

Reducing high labour cost & film wastage

Home Bargains were experiencing all sorts of problems due to their pallets being wrapped by hand, including high labour costs, health and safety issues and film wastage.

Following our site audit we recommended the Sfera high performance robot wrappers in conjunction with our Extremus ultra high yield film as an ideal solution. 

Since implementing these changes Home Bargains have achieved incredible cost, labour and efficiency savings, not to mention a much happier and healthier workforce!

See how the Atlanta Sfera robot pallet wrappers from Hazel 4D made such significant efficiency improvements and cost reductions in our video below.

The results:

  • Huge cost savings of  £90,000 a year 
  • 50 hours of labour time saved every day
  • Reduced plastic waste impact
  • Production downtime greatly reduced 
  • Improved stability of pallets
  • Reduced Health & Safety Issues 
  • No film breakages
  • Increased number of pallets wrapped per day