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Fulfilment Packaging

Fulfilment Packaging

In this section you’ll discover the latest fulfilment packaging solutions. Find out how to improve packaging speed and efficiency, and reduce packaging costs, waste and returns.

VIDEO – LockedAir™ Air Pillow and Cushion Voidfill Systems

Locked Air™ cushions and pillows are perfect for e-commerce, filling gaps and providing a cushioned layer to protect products in transit.

VIDEO – Collecting Locked Air™ cushions using a winder cart

Keep your air cushions in a neat roll by using the LAWC winder cart with the Locked Air™ machine. The cart winds the air cushions into a roll as they are produced for easy storage and transportation.

VIDEO – Self Adhesive Cardboard Shipping Boxes and Bookwraps

Our self-adhesive cardboard boxes and book-wraps take a load off, offering safe, secure packaging in seconds, with no need for extra taping.

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